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RSO Highlights: Feminist Union

Feminism is a controversial subject for some people but the Feminist Union of University of Central Arkansas is working to change the stigma surrounding it and other feminist issues. .

The people of the Feminist Union are on a mission to not only change the way UCA sees feminism and women, but how they see the LGBTQ community by partnering with the on-campus organization PRISM ( to promote LGBTQ community awareness on campus.

This organization has sponsored many events promoting their cause on campus throughout the semester according to current president and senior, Greer Williams. “[We’ve done] take back the night events for the last three years, which aims to raise awareness about sexual violence. We’ve done some body positivity poster campaigns and I’m interested in doing another one of those, or perhaps self care or compliment posters as the semester ends,” Williams said.

Williams also discussed other Feminist Union events such as bringing Sonya Renee Taylor, poet and found of “The Body is Not an Apology” organization, to campus.   

“They have done body positive photo shoots, gender education meetings and have collaborated with PRISM, the UCA LGBTQ group, to do Sex on the Lawn which is a sex ed event every year,” former member of the Feminist Union Anna Hannaford said.

The Feminist Union of UCA is fulfilling their mission of educating and changing the stereotype surrounding feminism and working to make the University of Central Arkansas a more open minded place.

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