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RSO Highlights: American Association Of University Women

Senior Maddie Spickard has continued following her beliefs of empowering women and has recently been approved to start a new RSO: the American Association of University Women.

Spickard said she came up with the idea after she went to the organization’s national conference, which is called the National Collegiate Conference for Women Student Leaders (NCCWSL).

The organization is dedicated to empowering women into higher education as well as different careers.

She has been working on this RSO idea for her thesis.

“I want to say it took about five weeks for it to get approved,” Spickard said. “I had to write up a proposal and a constitution and then I submitted it to Brandon Price in the Student Life Office. It has to go through I think three approvals from student life, SGA and the Dean of Students before it is approved. Another big thing about getting it approved is making sure there is not a similar organization on campus.”

She said her mom has also been very involved in a Little Rock chapter.

Spickard said she has been passionate about empowering women since doing a project on it in middle school.

Spickard loves everything the organization stands for and believes UCA can benefit from it in many ways.

Spickard said the organization nationally gives out scholarships and grants to young women and also works to promote leadership with young women.

“I do not want it to be a political organization. I want it to empower women in a higher and professional organization,” Spickard said.

Spickard said a change she plans on making is for women to continue their education and career after college.

UCA students can sign up for her organization on Orgsync. Spickard wants not only women to be involved in her organization but men as well.

She hosted an event on Monday April 11 to go into more details about her organization and what her plans are.

She said she planned to speak at the event about “the chapter, what I hope to accomplish, and then also hit on some of the pay and representation gaps between men and women in Arkansas.”

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