Students Gather to Watch First 2016 Presidential Debate

This year’s first presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald J. Trump aired on national television Sept. 26, prompting the College of Business to host a campus-wide watch party at 7:30 p.m. in the COB auditorium..

The auditorium started filling up to capacity more than half an hour before the debate even began. Volunteers began walking up and down the aisles offering voter registration forms for those students in attendance who were interested in this year’s political scene but hadn’t yet registered.

Freshman Cagney Kilgroe predicted “immigration, national debt, and LGBT+ issues,” would be the three main issues of the debate.

In the debate Hillary Clinton’s style consisted of strong blows towards her opponent; she focused on exposing the drastic differences between his policies and her own past experiences and future plans.

Donald Trump’s discourse during the debate highlighted his plans for taxes and trade, but was not without his usual interruptions and struggle against the two-minute quota allotted for response.

Tonight’s predicted viewing was on par with that of the Super Bowl,political science professor Dr. Heather Yates said.

“I hope and pray it’s Hillary, but I’m a little scared to be honest,” said sophomore Tyler Wilson in regards to his anticipation on the upcoming election. “As for tonight, I think Hillary definitely won.”

Regardless of your views, this debate and this election is one of historic importance for the future of America. To exercise your public right, find your local polling place here.

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