Police Reports: October 9-15

The following information was taken from incident reports filed by officers at UCAPD. The reports are made available by university police after they are approved by a supervisor. That process takes a few days, which delays our report. This is a complete report of incidents filed for October 9-15.


October 9

  • Student Kaylee Seely, 18, reported at about 10:44 a.m. her PT Cruiser had been involved in a hit-and-run in the parking lot west of Estes Stadium. Seely said she parked her vehicle on October 7 around 7 p.m. When she returned on the 9th, she saw it had a large dent on the rear fender. Damage was estimated at $300.
  • Student Joy Wilson, 37, was found lying on the floor in a bathroom stall on the second story of the College of Business at about 2:45 p.m. Wilson had trouble speaking and looked pale and weak. She said she didn’t know why she was ill. Wilson was transported to Conway Regional Medical Center.
  • Students Darius Frazier, 19, and Wesley Martsching, 19, were issued Judicial Board citations for possessing alcohol at 10:20 p.m. New Hall RA Ryan Johnston, 19, said he went to Frazier and Martsching’s dorm because of a noise violation, and when the residents answered the door, Johnston saw three alcohol bottles in the room. When police arrived, Frazier was alone in the dorm room and allowed police entry. Police saw no alcohol upon entry. Frazier said there wasn’t any. Frazier called Martsching, who came back to the room and said they had old bottles of alcohol from a party last weekend. The officer found no bottles, then issued a J-Board citation.


October 10

  • Nonstudent Laketa Means, 33, was arrested as part of a warrant assist at about 1:25 a.m. An officer pulled Means over for speeding, and a check on her information revealed a warrant out of Conway Police Department for Failure to Pay Fines on an original charge of driving on a suspended license. The UCA officer arrested Means. Means said her children, ages 14 and 9, were home alone. Conway police checked on the children and they were fine.
  • Nonstudent Benjiman Clark, 27, who works for Grassroots Lawn Care, was mowing the grass behind Bear Village building 6 when his mower slid down the grass embankment and hit a fence. Clark said the mower started sliding and he simply lost control. The damage was estimated at $200.
  • Nonstudent Melissa Lucero, 44, was arrested for disorderly conduct and trespassing after she instigated an altercation with her husband, Patrick Lucero, 47, at about 12:11 p.m. in McCastlain Hall’s basement. According to Patrick, Melissa came to Patrick asking him for money. Patrick said no, and Melissa began yelling. Patrick told her to back away, and she grabbed his wallet and put it down her shirt. Patrick tried to get the wallet and she began to fight and scream. Patrick’s supervisor, Thomas Elam, said Melissa entered McCastlain and began cursing, screaming, and hitting Patrick, who asked her to leave several times. Elam said when Patrick said he was calling the police, she said “Call the motherf***ing cops.” Melissa had a bloody mouth and said Patrick escalated the situation by hitting her, but later said Patrick had only spun her around and cornered her. Multiple witnesses said Patrick did not hit Melissa, and Patrick’s hands showed no scrapes or bruises. Melissa was arrested and banned from campus.
  • Student Clinton Yount, 22, was in his truck when a juvenile nonstudent, 16, rear-ended him at the stop sign in front of AETN at about 3:02 p.m. The nonstudent said his brakes malfunctioned and his truck began to roll, and despite pumping the brakes the truck wouldn’t stop. Yount had a small dent and scratch on his rear bumper, with the damage estimated at $200. The nonstudent said there was no damage to his vehicle.
  • Student Valencia Moore, 20, reported at about 3:19 p.m. her car had been in a hit-and-run in the North Overflow Parking Lot around 10:50 a.m. Moore noticed the damage when she returned to her car at 3 p.m. to go home. There was a scratch on the driver’s door, with the damage estimated at $50.
  • Construction supervisor Philip Dyson, said several items of construction equipment were stolen from the HPER construction site. Dyson said a circular saw, which he had seen at about 7:30 a.m., was noticed to be missing around 3:30 p.m. Dyson also said the lead electrician was missing his tool belt and tools around 2 p.m. Days later, Dyson said he noticed several other tools missing as well. Dyson said he suspected a concrete mason, Gary Butler, was involved in the theft. Dyson said another supervisor had spoken to Butler about the tools and Butler had admitted to having them. Another worker said he had seen Butler hide the tools in some bushes near the work site, then load them into a truck with two other workers. Police went to the hotel Butler was staying at to question him. When asked if he knew why the police were there, Butler said yes. Butler kept changing his story throughout questioning. Butler had gone to the man in the hotel room next to him, saying he needed money, and sold the tools for $25. Butler was arrested. The two men who helped him load the equipment in the truck, Andrew Isabell and Leonard Dickens, were fired.
  • Student Matthew Bogues, 21, was cited at 11:45 for a drug violation and violating the Campus Clean Air Act after Bear Village RAs said they saw about 10 people leave an apartment, which strongly smelled of marijuana. The officer knocked on the door and Bogues answered. When asked if he had been smoking weed, Bogues said, “Yes, sir.” Nonstudent Ebony Williams, 21, was in the apartment, and was banned from campus. In the apartment was a box of rolling papers and marijuana seeds. Bogues was then issued the citation.


October 11

  • Students Austin McCall, 19, and Blaise Albright, 18, were cited for disorderly conduct and violating the Clean Air Act at 1:44 a.m. in Conway Hall. RA Derrick White, 22, was showering in the second floor bathroom when he heard several loud noises. White said he looked out of the shower and saw McCall and Albright hitting and knocking over the bathroom’s paper towel dispenser and trash can. McCall and Albright cleaned up the mess after being confronted, then left. Shortly thereafter, White was told by other students that McCall and Albright were smoking cigarettes in Conway Hall’s courtyard. When police arrived, Albright was apologizing to White, saying they meant no disrespect and had just made a bad decision. When asked by police, McCall and Albright said they had been drinking earlier. Neither student is 21. Police assessed that the students seemed intoxicated enough to be a danger to themselves or others. The students were then issued citations.
  • Student Dian Li, 23, reported at about 3 a.m. that his roommate had seen two unidentified men rifling through Li’s car. Li said the men ran toward the baseball field. Li said he went to his car, and its doors were unlocked and the trunk was open. A small amount of cash and a GPS system were missing.
  • Nonstudent Terell Dixon, 18, was pulled over at about 3:29 a.m. when he drove the wrong way down a one-way street. Dixon smelled of marijuana. When asked for it, Dixon turned over a small amount, and the officer had him dump it out into the floodwaters of Stadium Park’s parking lot. Dixon was banned from campus.
  • Student Troupe Bryant, 20, reported at about 6:20 a.m. that his car had been broken into. Bryant said he left his car at 12:30 a.m. and thought he locked it, but couldn’t be sure. There were no signs of forced entry or damage to the car. Bryant returned to find the contents of the vehicle strewn about the interior. The only thing missing was a green CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) paramedic bag, which had all its contents dumped in the back seat. The suspects left behind a pair of sunglasses and a form from the Edge apartment complex. Officers found another vehicle in the parking lot, belonging to student Kaleigh Begneaud, 18, had been broken into, but nothing was missing.


October 12

  • Nonstudent Davin Owens, 21, asked an officer to walk him to his car, saying he felt unsafe after several members of the Omega fraternity surrounded him and wanted to fight him at the Pike House toga party at about 12:35 a.m. Owens said they surrounded him and said he owed them $300. Owens wasn’t a student and entered the party through the rear fence. Owens made several comments about how where he’s from people don’t just walk up on him and he’ll make sure that won’t happen again. Concerned that Owens would retaliate, the officer asked him for identification. Owens had a warrant out of Malvern District Court for failure to appear. The officer reminded him of the date and told him not to return to campus.
  • A red Ford Taurus that was reported stolen was found by an officer at about 12:24 a.m. in the parking lot of the Child Study Center. The truck was unoccupied. The truck’s owner said she’d last parked by Textbook Brokers. The owner was contacted, and she said she’d come get the car. The officer stood with the vehicle until 1:45 a.m., and the owner still hadn’t appeared, so he returned to service.
  • Nonstudent Nathaniel Clark, 23, was arrested at 8:44 p.m. for possessing 13.7 ounces of marijuana and a stolen pistol after being pulled over for having his music too loud. Clark had his driver side door open while turning right from W. J. Sowder Drive onto Marian Ross Drive, and an officer could hear his music blaring and pulled him over. Clark was smoking as the officer approached and the vehicle smelled strongly of marijuana. Clark, appearing nervous, said his music was too loud and asked to be let go. A police search revealed: a large bag of marijuana in the front passenger seat; several large bags of marijuana in the front seat, center console and glove box; two scales; two iPhones in the center console and one in the trunk; a glass pipe; an unlabeled prescription bottle with pills; $2,400 and a handgun. The handgun was a Springfield XD subcompact 9mm handgun with a Crimson Trace laser and a loaded Beretta high capacity magazine. The gun had a round in the chamber and the magazine was fully inserted. Twenty-three total rounds were in the gun, and it was registered stolen from Sherwood, AR. Clark had two warrants, one out of Conway and one out of Sherwood. Clark was charged with possession of marijuana with purpose to deliver, possession of drug paraphernalia, theft by receiving, simultaneous possession of drugs and a firearm, possession of a handgun on school property, driving on a suspended license, no proof of insurance and violating Conway’s loud noise ordinance.
  • Student Andrew Steely, 19, reported he had hit a parked car while driving in the parking lot west of the Farris Center at about 11:14 p.m. Steely said he was pulling out of his parking space he misjudged how much room he had and scraped against the bumper of student Alexandrea Smith’s car. Steely said he was driving a rental car while his car was in the shop, so he wasn’t used to the length.


October 13

  • UCA Employee George McKee, 57, reported at about 6:40 a.m. that a Farris Center bathroom had been vandalized. A towel dispenser had been knocked off the wall, a plunger was stuck to a mirror, two stall doors were ripped from their hinges and two toiles had been defecated in and not flushed. The damage was estimated to be $600.
  • Student DeAsia Romes, 20, was covered in shattered glass after an automatic door in Mashburn Hall got caught on her motorized wheelchair and shattered. The door didn’t completely open as Romes tried to enter the building, and her wheelchair became stuck. Romes didn’t know how the glass shattered, but she and her wheelchair were covered in fragments, and she had several small cuts on her hands and left ankle. Officers removed Romes from her chair and Physical Plant staff vacuumed the glass. Romes’ cuts were treated and she was escorted to the Student Health Center for additional medical treatment.
  • Student Chelsea Taylor, 21, reported at about 4 p.m. that she had been the victim of a hit-and-run. Taylor said she’d parked her car in the north overflow parking lot at 8 a.m., then returned at 2 p.m. to find two scratches on her car. One scratch was two by four inches on the passenger side front bumper, and the other was two by four inches on the driver side front bumper. The damage was estimated to be $250.


October 14

  • Student Alyssa Ayres, 19, reported at about 5:55 p.m. that her Jeep’s spare tire had been stolen. Ayres said the tire was stolen sometime between October 12 and 14. The Jeep was in the lot west of Reynolds Performance Hall. The lug nuts were lying on the ground at the vehicle’s rear. The tire and rim are worth an estimated $300.


October 15

  • Student Meghan Hamley, 20, reported at about 2:55 p.m. that she was hit by a car while crossing Donaghey Avenue. Hamley said she was hit on October 14 at about 7 p.m. She described the car as a silver four-door sedan driven by a male. Hamley complained of her left shoulder being sore.
  • UCA faculty member Loretta Bowling reported at about 3:50 p.m. that her cell phone had been stolen. Bowling said sometime between 12:45 p.m. and 1:30 p.m. she was away from her desk when someone took the phone she had left there. The phone is an iPhone 5 in an aqua and teal SPECK case. Security footage revealed no suspects.


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