Police Reports: October 6-8

October 6

  • Student Felipe Nieto, 19, was cited for disrespecting a university official when he acted belligerent toward a UCA officer at about 12:58 p.m. The officer was blocking the road for Bill Clinton’s motorcade when he yelled at a group of students to move out of the road and onto the sidewalk. All but Nieto, who was on his bike, moved. Nieto said something about the officer needing manners. The officer told him to stop, but Nieto kept going, and the officer caught up to him and grabbed his shirt. When asked what he said, Nieto replied that he said “Didn’t your mom teach you any manners.” The officer took Nieto to his patrol car, where Nieto pulled out his phone and started recording the encounter. Nieto was informed that he would get a Judicial Board Citation for Disrespecting a UCA Official. Nieto kept arguing about what happened. Nieto’s friends who were walking with him began to yell at him, and Nieto started yelling back. The officer told them to stop because they were causing a scene, and many passers-by were staring. Nieto started yelling again, so the officer arrested him. After a 15-minute talk at UCAPD, the officer told Nieto that he wouldn’t take him to jail or write him up for Disorderly Conduct, but only give the J-Board citation. In the police report, the officer said he thinks Nieto learned his lesson.
  • Elisha Earnest Jr., 67, was arrested for DWI when an officer pulled him over for crossing in and out of the turn lane on South Donaghey Avenue, and for having expired registration stickers. Earnest pulled over on south Donaghey, but did not respond when the officer told Earnest over his PA to turn into the softball field parking lot. When asked for his license, proof of insurance and registration, Earnest provided his license and his debit cards. The officer made several attempts to explain what documents he needed, and Earnest began to explain why he didn’t have all of the documents. Earnest had the smell of alcohol on his breath and admitted to having a few beers. Communications informed the officer Earnest’s license was suspended. After performing poorly during sobriety tests, Earnest was arrested At UCAPD Earnest breathed .07 into a breathalyzer.
  • A juvenile student was hospitalized at about 12:58 during the Bill Clinton visit. An event staff member notified an officer that the student was about to faint. The officer couldn’t leave his post, so the student was brought to him. The student sat in the grass near the event fences, and was soon transported to Conway Regional Medical Center.
  • Reggie Mega, 18, was hospitalized when he complained of severe stomach pain at about 2:21 p.m. on the second floor of the Math and Technology building. Mega was transported to Conway Regional Medical Center.


October 7

  • Students Jeremy Floyd, 20, and Audrey Roberts, 19, had their Jeeps catch on fire after Floyd tried to give Roberts’ car a jump. An officer arrived and put out the flames with his fire extinguisher, and the fire department arrived to confirm the threat was gone and remove the jumper cables. Floyd said sparks began to fly before the flames appeared. Floyd’s car had an estimated $800 of damage on passenger side. Roberts’ car had an estimated $100 of damage from where the jumper cables melted into the fender.
  • Student Nigel Midgette, 18, had his car towed after an officer saw it parked in a “no parking” area between Bernard Hall and Schichtl Hall at about 10:17 p.m. Police tried to contact Midgette, but couldn’t, so they called Pro Auto to remove the car.


October 8

  • Student Sergey Padalka, 20, was cited for disrespecting UCA officials when he slammed his door in the face of Resident Assistant’s during their monthly inspection, yelling at them and demanding to know why they were in his room. Padalka also had a cat in his room. Police spoke with Padalka, who was calm and respectful during discussions, and seemed genuinely confused about his privacy rights in respect to RAs. Padalka apologized and said he would read his Housing Agreement again.

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