Police Report: March 14-15

The following information was taken from incident reports filed by officers at UCAPD. The reports are made available by university police after they are approved by a supervisor. That process takes a few days, which delays our report. This is a complete report of incidents filed for March 14-15.

March 14:

  • Nonstudent Justin Vandaveer, 24, of Conway was issued a citation for public intoxication. Officers responded to a report of a man passed out in his car near the stop sign at the intersection of Farris and Oaklawn. When the officer approached the car, Vandaveer got out. As the officer talked to him, he noticed that Vandaveer seemed very confused and that he smelled of alcohol. Vandaveer said his car was on the side of the road because he was waiting for it to start. Vandaveer was then taken to the station.
  • Nonstudent Gregory Robert Morrison, 30, of Greenbrier was arrested for public intoxication and criminal trespass at about 3:00 a.m. Police were dispatched to Carmichael Hall in response to Morrison being passed out on the couch. Officers were able to get him on his feet and put him in handcuffs. Morrison made threats against the officers while resisting being arrested. Officers said that Morrison was “extremely emotionally disturbed.” Morrison has spent time in prison and has a violent criminal record.
  • Nonstudent Jeremy Mason of Greenbrier had his car towed at about 10:20 a.m. Officers found  a silver minivan parked in the middle of the road about ten feet from the crosswalk in front of the Farris Center. The vehicle was blocking traffic the crosswalk. Officers could not locate Mason before they had to tow the car.
  • Student Christa Carpenter, 21, of Maumelle was taking to Conway Regional Medical Center at about 10:27 a.m. Officers met Carpenter and a nurse at the Student Health Center. The nurse told officers that Carpenter was dizzy and was having trouble speaking.
  • Nonstudent Candice Barnes, 38, of Conway reported to the police that she was being harassed by someone who has been out of state since fall of 2012. Barnes said that this person was accusing Barnes of sleeping with her husband. Barnes has received 15 text messages, 28 phone calls, and six emails from the person harassing her. Officers contacted the suspect and told the suspect to leave Barnes alone. 

March 15:

  • Nonstudent James Brandon Taylor, 23, was speeding on Farris at about 12:35 p.m. Taylor’s vehicle was swerving and braking unevenly. When pulled over, Taylor had difficulty finding his license, insurance and registration. Taylor admitted to having eight beers in the past few hours and to drinking a can of beer thirty minutes before driving. Taylor failed the sobriety tests and was arrested for a DWI.
  • Student Sung-Mo Yang, 22, reported a hit-and-run at 3:40 p.m. Yang said he parked his car north of Arkansas Hall around 7:00 p.m. on March 13, and returned to see a scratch on the passenger side. The damage was estimated at $100.

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