Police Report: April 10-13

The following information was taken from incident reports filed by officers at UCAPD. The reports are made available by university police after they are approved by a supervisor. That process takes a few days, which delays our report. This is a complete report of incidents filed for April 10-13.

April 10:

  • Student Parisha P. Patel, 25, reported at about 12:47 p.m. that her car had been involved in a hit-and-run. Patel said between 9:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. on April 8, a car hit her 2006 Acura TL in the North Overflow Parking Lot at Donaghey Avenue and Bruce Street. Patel’s car had a dent in the driver’s side near the fuel door, and there were black scratches and white paint transfer around the rear lights. The damage was estimated at $800.
  • Student Sara Johnston Huckleberry, 21, reported at about 7:39 p.m. that she had struck an unoccupied car while trying to park in the North Overflow Parking Lot. The car belongs to student Reagan Kay Taylor, 21. Huckleberry’s car had scratches and paint transfer on the passenger’s side’s front bumper. Taylor’s car had paint transfer on the driver’s side’s rear quarter panel and rear tire. The damage was estimated at $200 each.

April 11:

  • No reports filed.

April 12:

  • Student Mackenzie Eileen Goff, 19, reported two inexpensive items stolen at about 1:46 a.m. in Short/Denney Hall. Goff said her roommate, Katelyn Spencer, 19, had effectively moved out in October aside from occasionally returning to the room. Goff said Spencer had given the items as gifts. When Goff was in the bathroom, she heard someone unlock the door and enter. When she came out, Goff said the gifts were missing. Spencer said she was home at the time. There were no signs of forced entry, and the RA was able to account for all three room keys. The Physical Plant was asked to change the locks.

April 13:

  • Nonstudent Joseph Zachary Rotton, 20, was arrested for DWI when a patrolling officer saw him swerving while driving south on Farris. When turning onto Dave Ward, Rotton made a wide turn and almost hit the curb, then drifted at an odd angle. When the officer stopped Rotton at Dave Ward and Moix, he could smell alcohol and see Rotton had bloodshot eyes. Rotton admitted to drinking. When asked, Rotton said he didn’t know where he’d been. When asked again, he said he’d come from an apartment complex. Rotton had trouble simultaneously listening to the officer and looking for his license, registration and insurance. After giving his license and insurance, Rotton passed over the registration in a pile of papers, and the officer had to point out where it was. Rotton failed his sobriety tests and blew Breath Alcohol Content of .14 an hour after being pulled over.
  • Nonstudent Rigginald Lovelace was arrested as part of a warrant assist at about 1:30 a.m. Officers responded to the Bernard Hall area after a report of a man knocking on someone’s car window and asking for directions. The police saw Lovelace, who matched the description of the man, sitting on a windowsill on the west side of the student center. When Lovelace saw the officers, he stood up and started walking north between the Student Center and Conway Hall. The officer encountered Lovelace and asked if he knocked on someone’s window asking for directions. Lovelace said he didn’t, and he was waiting for his friend to meet him. When asked about his friend, Lovelace was hesitant to answer. After checking Lovelace’s background, the officer found he had a warrant out of Conway Police Department. The officers took Lovelace to jail.
  •  Nonstudent Marquis Jovan Glover, 23, was arrested for marijuana possession with intent to deliver after an officer stopped him at Dave Ward and Moix at about 10:10 p.m. for having a taillight out. The officer asked for Glover’s license, insurance and registration, and Glover said the car wasn’t his and he didn’t have the documents. The officer told him to look for them, and asked why he didn’t have his license. Glover said he forgot it. The officer asked his name and date of birth, and Glover said his name was Matthew Lowe. When the officer asked why he couldn’t find the name in the database, Glover gave his real name and said he lied because he had unpaid fines. Dispatch advised the officer that Glover had a warrant out of Conway Police Department. While doing inventory of the vehicle, officers noticed cigarillo wrappers and bits of marijuana in the car. Glover’s jacket had a glass jar with 1.7 grams of marijuana and a plastic bag with 8.8 grams, and a set of electronic scales. In addition to being charged for possession with intent to sell, Glover was charged with possession of paraphernalia for the scales and Obstructing Governmental Operations for giving a false identity.

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