Local Business Feature: The Fieldhouse

The Fieldhouse in Conway is an indoor baseball/softball complex available to help players improve their performance in pitching, batting, agility, and strength, located on 3605 London Rd., Conway.

They offer batting cages, private lessons, field rentals for teams, strength and agility training, and rooms for birthday parties on the weekend.

The Fieldhouse trainers have trained many baseball and softball players who went on to play for colleges such as the University of Arkansas, Southern Arkansas University, and UCA.

The owner’s son, sophomore Conner Williams, now plays for UCA, and sophomore Morgan Felts, who also trained at the Fieldhouse, now plays with UCA’s softball team.

Those giving lessons are experienced, with many recognized for their exceptional performance in high school and college. Three of the trainers, Terry Horn, Jeffery Enloe, and Collin Radack, were drafted by professional baseball teams.

“What makes the Fieldhouse a great place to train is that the atmosphere and people employed are top-notch,” manager Adam Boucher said. “We are always looking to help and set people up for success.”

The Fieldhouse has indoor batting cages, as well as an indoor field. When weather permits, they also have an outdoor field that teams can play and practice on.

Recently, the Fieldhouse hosted a premier softball event where high school softball players across Arkansas were scouted by colleges including the University of Mississippi, the University of Arkansas, and the University of Oklahoma.

The Fieldhouse has helmets, bats, and balls available for those wanting to try the batting cages.

Their batting cages range from 35 miles per hour to 60 miles per hour. The pitching machines are located 45 feet away, instead of the standard 60 feet away on baseball fields, making the pitches seem faster, to improve batting speed and reaction time.

The Fieldhouse is also the training facility for the Central Baptist College baseball and softball teams.

“We are strong supporters of UCA athletics, and we’re glad to be able to offer something like this in the city of Conway.”

The Fieldhouse was founded on March 22 of 2007, after owner Keith Williams saw a need for baseball training facilities in Conway.

“I saw a need in Conway for kids to have a place to learn fundamentals and develop their skills. My son received private lessons from a professional player in other places, and I saw that there wasn’t a place for that here.”

The Fieldhouse is open from 3-9 pm Monday through Friday, 10-5 pm on Saturday, and 1-5 pm on Sunday.

Image Courtesy of casmsports.com

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