Local Business Feature : Mizewell Games

Mizewell Games in Conway offers multiple gaming and hobby-related opportunities to its patrons in a fun environment.


Zach Weaver, former UCA student, runs the front of the store most of the time, talking with customers and making sales.

The hours of the store are 3-10 p.m. on Tuesdays through Thursdays, 3-12 a.m. on Friday, 12-10 p.m. on Saturday, and Sunday from 12-7 p.m.

Weaver explained that the hours were set up that way so that people could come by after work, which is the best time for a hobby store to be open.

“Normally people get here later, and Monday is consistently our slowest day, so this year we decided to be closed on Mondays,” he said.

The walls in the back of the store and at the sides are painted with large symbols related to the trading card game “Magic: The Gathering.” Weaver said it was their best-selling game, and the store provides beginner sets of cards which were made so that beginners could “start playing right away.”

He also said that all of the employees in the store knew how to play the game, as well as almost any game in the store, and were willing to teach customers how to play the games.

Mizewell has Magic tournaments every week. Weaver said that they were considering possibly adding other game tournaments.

The store also provides games free to play for anyone who comes in as long as they are open and has tables set up with painted miniature sets for miniature war games.

The store has disc golf supplies as well. With the closing of Hastings they were hoping to branch out into new activity supplies.

On one of the back walls was an assortment of Magic cards, from tournaments.

Weaver said that when someone won a tournament, they got to put up a card on the wall and getting so many could result in awards, such as winning fifty games in a row, which would be awarded with free Magic tournament access for life. Weaver said that two people had achieved this.

The store contains a vast array of games.

Weaver said that people could find just about anything, and if they couldn’t find it there, he would order it for them.

He also mentioned that the store would be having a Black Friday sale for the holiday season.

photos by Lauren Swaim

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