Film Friday: A Trashy Film

Life is hard enough without having to clean up after everyone else.

Michael Sutterfield, who graduated in 2011, addresses this fact in his untitled class project about a garbage man.

“I came up with the idea of a struggling character who was not only having to deal his own problems, but was also having to literally deal with everyone’s garbage,” Sutterfield said. “So I wrote the main character as a garbage man.”

Sutterfield did this project for a Digital Film 3 class assignment in 2011. He had to make a film that could not use any dialogue, could only use natural lighting sources and could only have diegetic sound.

Diegetic sound is any sound effect that occurs naturally in the scene of a film. For example, if there were a car crash, the sound of breaking glass and tires screeching would naturally occur in the scene.

Sutterfield shot the short film in various locations around Conway over two days. His lead actor, Michael Brown, is the drummer for the band It’s About Time. Sutterfield’s girlfriend, Caitlin Ware, played the guitarist.

Sutterfield said the shoot was very relaxed and everyone had a great time.

“[W]e never wrote a formal script,” he said. “It was written with the camera.”

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