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Top 5 Reasons Don Pepe’s is Better Than Chipotle

1. Don Pepe’s has nachos

Nachos come in many shapes and forms from the homemade version with an amazing cheese sauce to the typical baseball game nachos. However these nachos are close to homemade and always amazing, with just the right amount of spice. More spice is optional with the addition of jalapeños.

2. Discount to UCA students.

It is a commonly known fact that almost all college students are broke. Of course the good people of UCA are no exception to this rule. Which is why the discount to UCA students is a phenomenal solution to the universal rule of broke college students.

3. Free chips and salsa

This Tex-Mex staple comes with every meal, because who doesn’t love almost free chips and salsa? At Chipotle the only thing free they offer is the water and the air you breathe. At Don Pepe’s you can get great Mexican food fast with chips and salsa just like a sit-down Mexican restaurant.

4. No E. Coli

At Don Pepe’s E. Coli bacteria wouldn’t dare infect your food. Unfortunately Chipotle is under investigation for E. Coli infecting their natural and organic ingredients. Fortunately Don Pepe’s is currently E. Coli free, so no need to worry about food poisoning so far.

5. Only one Don Pepe’s

As most people know the current economy in America is in trouble. Some of the economy might be able to be fixed by supporting local businesses. Since Don Pepe’s is original to Conway and not a chain this is a great local business to support, especially since it has such amazing food.

images via mccormick.com, teflcoursesireland.ie, restaurantsdurango.com, memecrunch.com, springerstudios.com

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