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OVO’s New Duo Releases Album

The freshest sound of OVO is a soulful blend of pop and nocturnal R&B by the name of Majid Jordan.

The group just released their first album self-titled “Majid Jordan” which recently hit the stores on Feb. 5, 2016.

The two combined forces of both Majid Al Maskati and Jordan Ullman bring a blend of production and sound quality that perfectly suits the new wave of OVO sound that fellow Toronto native Drake has developed already with his new label.

Ullman provides the production while Maskati provides the voice. Both do the writing for themselves and their counterparts on their new label having already received awards and recognition for their part in the hit single “Hold On We’re Going Home.”

They co-produced the single before it appeared at the top of Billboard for 17 weeks straight at the time, becoming the most successful single of Drake’s career. Since then the duo has also worked with superstar R&B singer Beyoncé, co-producing the single “Mine” featuring Drake on her self-titled album in 2013.

The group was formed after both met as students of the University of Toronto in 2011, doing most of their recording between their dorm room and the basement of Ullman’s mother.

Maskati arrived from Bahrain to add to the new, innovative type of other-worldly production that Ullman had been concocting all on his own. The sound the two have come up with is a mix of pop, dance hall, house and after-hour R&B which is something truly out of a lab.

Thanks to the success of predecessors Drake and PARTYNEXTDOOR, they were no longer looking for a place in today’s constantly evolving music scene.

After last year’s release of their EP titled “A Place Like This,” the world got a taste of their new-age style that is due to echo inside of any club or party atmosphere. The label has been pushing their release in hopes to feed off the success of their previous singles and exclusivity of their brand.

Apple Music released their pre album a week prior to the release of the first album which allowed customers access to five of the 12 tracks, one of which featuring rapper Drake by the name of “My Love” which has already gained much praise.

Each of the tracks on the album have an individual quality as they take you up and down through tempo and pace.

Songs on the album vary entirely in vocal range going from up-beat to slow-moving, lingering smoothly from number to number.

New listeners as well as faithful followers of Majid Jordan have nothing to lose with this new album and certainly everything to gain. The album’s sound shows how unique both rappers truly are.

The album is available on Spotify and a free download is on Run the Jewels’ website www. runthejewels.net.

Originally published in the Feb. 10, 2016 print edition of The Echo.

image via www.trapnstuff.com

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