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Local Business Feature: Burritas

Burritas, a family owned burrito truck in Conway, prides itself on its fresh and simple ingredients.

Owner Alana Mitchell entered the business in June 2015. Mitchell said she had worked for ten years as an executive assistant at a business in Little Rock, but after having two daughters, she decided to do something else.

“My then boyfriend, now husband, and I had always talked about owning a restaurant,” Mitchell said.

The couple bought an empty truck and turned it into what is now Burritas. The truck is lime green and covered in bright citrus fruits, peppers, roses and donkeys. A few tables with umbrellas serve as a small dining area in front of the truck.

Burritas serves tacos, burritos and nachos made with simple, fresh ingredients.

“It’s not authentic Mexican,” she said. “It’s stuff you can cook at home, with fresh ingredients.”

Mitchell said that next month Burritas will open an indoor restaurant at Ridge Plaza in Conway. She said it will have a counter where customers can choose what goes into their food, similar to Moe’s or Subway. It will also have a deck.

Being a food truck, the weather often determines how much business the restaurant gets. 

“That’s one of the reasons we wanted to get into a building,” she said.

Mitchell said she gets a mix of customers. Many are Hendrix students, but she said a fair amount of UCA students and older couples come by as well. Mitchell said that a lot of her customers are repeat customers.

“The only advertising we’ve done is word of mouth,” Mitchell said.

The business has a Facebookpage and a website.

Mitchell’s brother, Adam Zia, works for his sister as a cook.

He has worked in fast food in the past, and most recently worked in the oil fields. Zia said that when that industry went into decline, Mitchell asked him to help out with Burritas and he couldn’t say no.

“I like the family environment,” Zia said. “We’re all pretty close here.”

Burritas offers student discounts and is located at 1510 Old Morrilton Highway, across from Lowes.

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