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Like the Phoenix

At the close of this fall semester, The Fountain is coming to an end. Or rather, a new beginning.

Over the course of the past few months, The Fountain has begun collaborating with The Echo to merge our two student media organizations.

This was our most successful semester since the inception of The Fountain–fitting, given that it was our last as an independent student publication. From the return of Brother Jed to the suspension of a linebacker, our faithful readers have been right here with us through it all. We’ve given our time and dedication to bring you the news, and in return, you’ve given us your constant support and encouragement. Suffice to say we could not have done this without you, the UCA community.

The staff of The Fountain regrets to announce that there will be no more stories posted until we return from winter break, but we’d like to assure everyone that we will be back. From the ashes of what has been, we will rise again, like the phoenix.

We hope that you will join us again next semester as our journalism families become one.

Have a good break, happy holidays and safe travels.


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