UCA Celebrates Indian Holi Festival

The Indian Holi festival was held on Saturday, March 5 on UCA’s recreational field behind the HPER parking lot.

All guests of the festival were able to try traditional Indian food, throw colorful powder at each other and listen to music made with a traditional Indian drum-type instrument called a dhol.

The Indian community of Conway cooked traditional Indian food such as gulab jamoon – a milk-based dessert; soan papdi – an Indian sweet that has a flaky texture; vegetable biryani – rice with spices and vegetables and pav bhaji – a spicy vegetable mixture that you put on buttered bread.

Traditional Indian food

Holi is a festival of colors during the spring celebrated in India and in places where the population is predominantly Hindu or Indian. It has since spread in popularity.

Holi is celebrated with a lot of colors. Indian people use these many colors to welcome the new spring season.

India is an agricultural country, so it is important for Indians to celebrate the Holi festival which is associated with fertility, rebirth of life, rain and sunlight.

During Holi people dress up in white and throw colorful powder on one another. In the morning they pray and then have food and drinks.

Throwing at each other colorful powder was fun for many festival’s guests

Armstrong Hang Yang, graduate student, said that it was his first time going to Holi festival. He said that, while he likes spicy food, the Indian food was “too spicy” for him.

“I think [the festival]is interesting. The colors make you look very funny, but it is an Indian tradition.”

Adam Bruenger, Assistant Professor of KPED, also said that it was his first time coming to such an event and he loved Indian food. The festival for him was “entertaining and enlightening.

Even dhol players had some powder on them.


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