Panel Discusses Involvement in Nonprofit Organizations

Careers in the Nonprofit Industry, a UCA Alumni Panel, was held Wednesday, November 9, in the College of Business Auditorium from 3:00-4:00.

The panel included UCA Alumni Candice Martinez, Courtney Leach and Jennie Strange. All three discussed the nonprofit organizations they created and the importance of being involved in a nonprofit organization.

“I think it’s extremely important that needs in the community and world we live in are met because not all needs are met with businesses and corporations, and nonprofits fill the gap,” Leach said.

The women said taking your education and turning it into your passion is key. They also emphasized that even for all of the extreme “go-getters” out there, things do take time, and patience is a virtue. They said the skills you learn in college really follow you, and when going into a nonprofit career, networking, communication and business skills are essential. They said  to not get hung up on what your major is because you will be able to utilize any skills you learn from college—no matter what the degree is.

“I’m currently a speech pathology major and I got involved with an RSO on campus called Best Buddies, a national nonprofit, and through that I realized that I wanted to continue working with people with disabilities as a nonprofit, and maybe not a speech pathologist in a clinical setting,” Senior Anna Kate Spotts said.  

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