New Surf And Turf Shack Brings Fresh Seafood, Eats To Conway

We’ve all seen the brightly colored building near the movie theater and wondered “wasn’t that Russo’s?” or “I think that place used to be the Village Inn?” Well, there’s a new restaurant in town and it’s making quite a stir.

The building, once Russo’s Coal Fired Grill, now serves as the home for something new: Shucked Surf and Turf Shack.

Despite early reports of long wait times and empty seating, the restaurant has seemed to work out its kinks in its first couple of weeks. When I’ve gone in, all has been running smoothly.

As you walk into the restaurant, you are overwhelmed by the scent of oysters, lobster, crab and steak. You instantly see 10 televisions lining the restaurant, an oyster bar and plenty of punny jokes on the employee’s shirts.

The bright colors, teal and orange, remain throughout the store, with employees wearing themed t shirts and bandanas, orange chairs and teal walls. The bright, peppy attitude mixing with the bar and televisions gives off a fun sports bar (kind of) vibe.

The place itself may be fun and welcoming, but it has nothing on the food coming from the kitchen.

While you wait, your server brings out rolls with a spread appropriately titled “cinnabutter,” and let me tell you, that stuff is what dreams are made of.

Now, I may enjoy food a little too much, but if you like cinnamon, then this spread is right up your alley.

After indulging – perhaps a bit too much – on the rolls, I decided to start off with the crab cake appetizer.

The cakes are served on a bed of leafy greens with a creamy sauce drizzled on top. Not only does it look beautiful, but what really tops it off is the crunch. If you’re a fan of crab cake, you know that it can get soggy really fast if it isn’t cooked properly. However, this dish comes out cooked to perfection as it’s fried in a panko breading. The consistency was perfect and the cake, paired with the cream drizzle, left my mouth watering and stomach full after just one .

However, the journey didn’t end there. I couldn’t go into the seafood restaurant without getting what I came for, so I decided to try the meal that the place is named after: The Surf and Turf.

Not only did the 6 oz. steak come out cooked to perfection (medium rare), but it was beautifully paired with a large sized lobster tail.

However, the prices here can be a tad scary. Dishes can range from $5.99 – $34.99 depending on if the dish includes seafood or prime cuts of steak. However, despite the fear of high prices, there are a variety of options for people of all price ranges.

The menu offers a plethora of hamburgers, oysters, salads and po’boys for a reasonable price.

Just be aware that if you want fresh, quality seafood, you will have to pay for it.

Shucked Surf and Turf Shack is open from 11 a.m. – 10 p.m. Sunday to Thursday and 11 a.m. – 11 p.m. on weekends. Full access to the menu can be found on the Shucked Surf and Turf Shack facebook page.

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