Local Business Feature: Nate’s Hot Dog Haven

Nate’s Hot Dog Haven is one of the many features of Conway’s new food truck park. Conway native Nathan Sullinger  created the hot dog haven on May 1, 2012. Nathan’s goal is to serve the people of Conway a quality meal while taking little time do so.

This hot dog haven has a destination theme to its specialty dogs. From the Seattle hotdog to the Arkansas hotdog, each is crafted with 100% beef and topped with fresh vegetables. Nate’s also offers a variety of toppings including Sriracha sauce, barbecue sauce, chili and bacon. The prices of these jumbo dogs range from $4-$6 and you can make it a combo, by  adding chips and a drink, for $1.50 more. Nate’s also offers nachos, chili pies and the option of polish sausage instead of beef.

Nate’s Hot Dog Haven prides itself in being Conway’s best hotdog. Other than appearing at the food truck park on 1023 Main St., Nate’s caters parties, concessions, corporate events, concerts, festivals and more.

To learn more about Nate’s Hotdog Haven visit their website or check out their Facebook page  

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