Local Business Feature: Moore Art Supply and More

A mother and daughter have teamed up to run a new art store in Conway.

Michelle Moore and her daughter, Emily Moore, have been running Moore Art Supply & More since July 2016 and have had heavy business after the school year began, Michelle Moore said. They have also been helping UCA art professors with their supply lists.

The inspiration for the business came from the pair’s love of art. Michelle Moore grew up making art but got sidetracked when she got married and had her daughter. After Emily Moore started getting into art, Michelle Moore decided to get back into it and eventually had the opportunity to open a store.

Emily Moore is currently a high school senior and works at the store in the afternoons after school and on the weekends. She said she wants to pursue some sort of art degree when she goes to college.

“It’s fun because it’s art and what me and my mom want to do,” Emily Moore said.

One of the main perks about the store, Michelle Moore said, is that it can be a resource for artists. Along with serving as a supply store, it is also a creative space where students and artists can spread out their work and create.

The creative space is also used for different art classes, including charcoal portraiture, watercolor and more. All classes can be found on their Facebook page. 

Michelle Moore said she is open to anyone facilitating an art class.

“I want to be a resource for artists in the area by offering gallery space,” Michelle Moore said. “By offering supplies, by offering creative space for them as well as opportunities to teach and opportunities to learn.”

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