Local Business Feature: Mark Guest Remodeling

Many businesses include an owner, a manager, a staff and many other assets, but Mark Guest Remodeling is just a handyman and his van.

Mark Guest Remodeling is a home improvement business, owned by Mark Guest.

Mark Guest Remodeling provides professional remodeling repair; and general handyman services to homeowners and businesses in Conway and communities in the surrounding area–including Mayflower, Preston, Maumelle, Menifee, Wooster, Little Rock, North Little Rock, Greenbrier, Vilonia, and Saltillo.

“Mark installed a mailbox for my wife and I after it got knocked over. Despite the cold weather, he put it up the very next day after we asked him and it looks wonderful,” Patrick Carter, a customer of Guest’s, said.

Guest has been doing home remodeling and handyman jobs for about 30 years.

He began in San Jose, California, where he remodeled the Santa Clara University football stadium in 1993, which is now a soccer stadium and has the capacity to hold 10,525 people.

“I also repaired and painted inside and out of a 13,500 square foot  home after the big earthquake hit in California in 1989,” Guest said.

According to, a magnitude 6.9 earthquake hit the San Francisco Bay Area, killing 67 people and causing more than $5 billion in damages.

“It was called the Loma Prieta quake,” Guest said. A small town near by had 1,700 chimneys snap off at the roof ridges. Some larger older homes actually collapsed because they jumped off of their foundations. The San Francisco Giants and the Oakland Athletics were just about to play a World Series game in San Francisco when it hit. A freeway overpass collapsed on a freeway underneath it and killed and injured some.”

Guest has worked primarily in California, Washington, Texas, Massachusetts and most recently, Conway, Arkansas.

“Our home had several bad ceiling water leak stains from various incidents. Mark Guest, who is a painter by trade, fixed these areas on our ceilings to our utmost satisfaction. He blended the texture and paint color seamlessly with the rest of the ceilings,” customer, Kathy Pastor said.

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