Local Business Feature: Jack’s Ultra Sports

J.A.C.K’s Ultra Sports


The name Jack’s is an acronym for the four owners, Jeff Fencer, Andy Hill, Curtis Butler, Kevin Faulkner, of Conway’s new indoor, low-impact paintball, 3-D tactical laser tag, escape room, and arcade games shop.

Jack’s opened in August 2016 and originally was only going to include indoor paintball, but Hill said they decided to add more to create a larger market.

Hill said low-impact paintball offers a small size paintball and creates a market for younger children to get into playing paintball. Two to fourteen players can play paintball at one time.

Paintball prices start off at $24.99 per player, which includes equipment rental and 100 paintballs.

In the 3-D laser tag participants are given a pair of 3-D glasses before entering the arena. This gives the illusion that the designs in the black light room are coming off the walls. Laser tag is also designed for two to fourteen players.

Laser tag starts off at $6.99 per game but there are bigger packages that can be purchased to get a lower price per game.

Regina and Shane Kirk, residence from Sherwood,AR,  brought their 8-year-old son Ryan to Jack’s for his birthday party and purchased the unlimited laser tag package.

Ryan and his buddies got to play as much laser tag as they wanted,” said Kirk. “This was the best price around for what you get. We are very pleased with the services.”

The escape room is based on ancient Egyptian tombs. Players must answer a series of puzzles and riddles to make it out of the room but they only have 20 minutes.

Hill said that Jack’s also student nights for the local college students to come out and have a good time on a budget.

Jack’s is also releasing a new game soon called Arrow Wars, which is similar to paintball but with foam-tipped arrows.   

Jack’s arcade has about 25 games inside of it and the games are for all age ranges.

Jack’s also offers private event and birthday party packages including a party room.

Jack’s is located at 655 Equity Ave. and is open on Friday 5 p.m. to 9 p.m., Saturday 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. and Sunday 1 7 p.m.
For more information Jack’s can be contacted at 501-932-6677 or visited online at

Photo by Waid Rainey

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