Local Business Feature: H2:4 Outdoors

H2:4 Outdoors is Conway’s newest store for the people searching to float the waterways and just be out doors.

Walking into H2:4 Outdoors the room is filled with different kayaks and canoes. They also carry a range of outdoor gear including hammocks, Vibe coolers, fishing tactical and more.

Owner James Whited started H2:4 Outdoors in December of 2016 when he got laid off from his job.

During the time, while Whited was getting ready to start his business, kayaking was seeing its biggest increase in the sport’s history.

Then, thinking of a name, Whited said he thought about the Bible verse Habakkuk 2:4, thus giving birth to the name H2:4 Outdoors.

H2:4 sells a selection of recreational and fishing kayak from brands like Vibe, Old Town, Feel Free, Diablo and Ocean.  

New kayaks start at $499 at H2:4, but they carry used kayaks as well that can be bought at a better deal.

Whited said that when a new customer comes in wanting to get out on the water they first find what type of boat is best for their needs and then try to keep it as simple as possible.

They can also set you up a kayak and canoe rack for a vehicle and everything you need once out on the water with your purchase.

Customer Fermin Castillo said that kayaking is great because it gets outside and it doesn’t cost a lot of money because you’re not putting gas in it. There are things in nature that you would never see if you were out on the water in a big boat.

Whited said the plan for H2:4 is to start expanding into different lines of outdoor gear including camping and stand-up paddle boards.

Whited said that kayaking is a good investment for college students because once you make that small initial investment you’re out on the water.

He said you can also carry it easily on your vehicle.

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