Local Business Feature: Burgers, Fries and Pies

Conway welcomed a new burger joint on March 9  with the opening of Burgers, Fries and Pies, located at 2160 Harkrider St. in Conway. 

The restaurant first opened its doors 20 years ago in Davis, Oklahoma and has since opened locations  in Jacksonville, Ark. and now in Conway.

“We’re a dine-in diner,” Debbie Hoggard, who owns the restaurant with her husband Craig Hoggard, said. “We are not a fast food place, a lot of people that come in think we are a fast food place, but we do not cook burgers until they are ordered and we make fresh pies all day long.”

The new diner differs from the other burger restaurants in Conway for one specific reason: the ingredients.

“We use ground brisket to make our burgers,” Hoggard said. “David’s Burgers uses ground chuck I believe and so this just gives people a new special taste.”

The Hoggards also use a special seasoning on their burgers and fries that they say enhances the flavors and helps distinguish them from their competitors.

“We put the fry seasoning on the table and people have actually started stealing it off the table,” Hoggard said.

The restaurant is open seven days a week from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. The restaurant does not currently have a drive-thru window, but the owners plan to add one in the future.

Hoggard recommends trying the peach and apple pies, which are the most popular items on the menu, aside from the burger baskets.

“It’s a really casual and comfortable place,” Kristin Weaver, a former employee, said. “The food is great and customers are happy. If you haven’t tried it, you should definitely put it on your list.”

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