Apartment Review: The Edge At Donaghey

The Edge at Donaghey is one of the premiere apartments Conway has to offer for prospective UCA students, but there is far more to this seemingly welcoming community than meets the eye.

The location and affordability for college students seem to be just what you’re looking for when trying to branch out from the dorms or avoid the dreaded  staying with parents. Unfortunately, while these apartments UCA has helped establish should be an upgrade for most students here at UCA,  they have gained a reputation for the opposite.

My own experience in the eight months I leased there produced many disappointing results for myself and others I came to meet. There were a number of people who claimed to be satisfied and happy with the apartment they had been given, but I would certainly say they belonged to the minority of occupants there.

The first thing that dawned on me was that the match-making system for residents sharing a suite can be misleading. It is designed to pair you  with other roommates who  share similar  interests and living demands, but sometimes the communication about roommates falls short with the complex higher-ups.  Many who move in find themselves in a location where the people already living in the apartment were unaware of your arrival.

Another  issue one might encounter involves the lack of service from management and staff. Many problems you deal with could take up to days to solve or they go completely ignored. Also it is unknown to some that there have been lots of parking lot break-ins as well as indoor burglaries. Many of the criminals were never caught.

If the close proximity to your school and affordable price seems worth the risk of taking The Edge at Donaghey for a trial, be very informed and certain of your choice.

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