Apartment Review: Fox Run

If you are looking for an upscale apartment with modern appliances and classy neighbors, Fox Run Apartments probably aren’t it. However, for college students who don’t want to be bothered by management and want to be comfortable, these apartments are ideal.

The apartment complex is located conveniently across the street from the AETN building on Donaghey. A crosswalk connects the complex to campus, although there is no crossing light, so it can be a dangerous sprint at night. The location allows students to walk to class instead of having to battle with other students for a parking spot. It also gives those of us who don’t like to exercise less of an excuse not to walk at least a few blocks a day.

The apartments themselves are a few decades old, but they are generally well-maintained by management. Apartments come with appliances including  a refrigerator,  dishwasher and both a washer and dryer.While they are not the newest models—my stove looks like it was put in when the complex was built—management if very prompt to exchange them for newer models once they stop working.  

Like any honest apartment complex, Fox Run has some occasional pest problems. Those that come to mind are occasional roaches and a veritable city of yellow jackets and bees in the spring. However, there is routine pest control at no additional cost to renters.

Perhaps the best thing about Fox Run is the absence of random house calls by management and maintenance. Notice is given weeks in advance for all visits and pest control is on a regular schedule.

However, management and maintenance are almost always available to deal with any problem that may arise. They are generally friendly and don’t make you feel like you are ruining their day, which is a good trait for apartment staff.

Overall, I have been very happy with my year-long stay at Fox Run, despite the occasional creeper smoking pot in a car in the parking lot. In fact, I am so satisfied that I signed another year-long lease. This either speaks to Fox Run’s decent management or to my dismal luck with apartments before, but I’ll give this one to Fox Run.

image via Apartment Guide

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