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Baum Gallery Brings New Exhibits, Director To Campus

It’s the beginning of a new year for the UCA Baum Gallery. This fall semester, the Gallery has four exhibitions lined up, Director of the Baum Gallery Brian Young said.

Young was just recently appointed as director and hopes to continue the quality of art and bring in new audiences to the Baum Gallery this year.

The first exhibition, Young said, is “Curious Devotion”, which is an installation by artists Langdon Graves, Dawn Holder and Danielle Riede. It will be curated by UCA Art Professor Sandra Luckett.

“Each of these artists seems to have a certain surreal quality about their works,” Young said. “[Their works] share or overlap certain stylistic elements.”

Luckett, while planning this installation, intended to show how underrepresented female artists are in the art world. She specifically chose women artists for that purpose, she said.

Luckett also wanted to display different methods of installation and how artists could use a variety of materials to create them.

“I chose this title, [“Curious Devotion”], because I see each of these women artists obsessive with details, pushing the concept of material possibilities and creating an environment that is a shrine to their craft,” Luckett said.

The installation will be open from September 8 to October 20 and each artist will hold a separate lecture during that time, according to UCA’s Artists in Residence Fall 2016 pamphlet.

The next installation is by David Graeve and is called “Pluralism, Social Lens #33, Direct Action.” It is an outdoor installation that will be placed at different Conway locations, including in front of Torreyson Library, UCA Downtown and the Federal Building, Young said.

The installation will include large balloon-like objects with images of people on them and they will be lit up from the inside. The people in these images will be from Conway.

Young said that there are two ways in which Graeve interacts with the community.

“He likes to involve the people in the community in his work … In some of the pieces, he has people from, let’s say Conway, and they will show up in the artwork itself,” he said.

Graeve also interacts with the community by holding workshops and setting up Q&As, which he will be doing while on campus.

According to the Artists in Residence pamphlet, the installation will be on view September 23 through October 7.

The next installation by Adam Hogan is called “Roots” and will run for two days, September 23 and 24.

“Roots”, Young said, is a video projection and the location for the viewing has not been confirmed. 

The last exhibition of the year will be the Juried BA/BFA Senior Art Show, which presents the artwork of the students who are graduating this year. The number of students to be participating in the exhibition is estimated at 12.

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