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Fiscal Support Analyst Shares Advice With Scholarship Applicants

As the deadline for the UCA Foundation Scholarships application approaches, a UCA fiscal support analyst gave students advice on applying last Thursday.

Fiscal support analyst Tracy Monin said the foundation scholarships are a diverse list of scholarships that everyone can apply for and are rewarded based on eligibility and need.

Students have until March 11 to apply for scholarships for the 2016-2017 academic year.

Although there are over 200 scholarships available to all students, the application process is limited to one application. The application consists of eight steps.

Monin said students should complete all eight steps of the application before the March 11 deadline.She recommended that students upload a resume or list of accomplishments under the “Attach Documents” tab of the application.

“This will make your application shine and give the review committee a little bit more information about you,” Monin said.

She also suggested that students ensure that they do all necessary parts of the application for each scholarship. This includes uploading the extra requested information for that scholarship.

Lastly, Monin encouraged students to spread the word about the foundation scholarships.

After a student completes the eight steps, the application will give him a list of the scholarships for which he is qualified.

Sophomore Elizabeth Parsley spoke about the application process.

“That is really awesome. That makes it easy to apply and takes some pressure off of trying to find the exact ones you can apply for,” she said.

The UCA Foundation Scholarships application can be found at

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