UCAPD Triumphs During Baseball Fundraiser

For the first time, the UCA police department beat UCA’s Interfraternity Council in the Strikeout Hunger baseball game, helping to earn food and money donations.

The game took place at 7:30 p.m. on Aug. 28 at Bear Stadium, and featured members of the police department and members of different fraternities and sororities.

The crowd was filled with fraternities and sororities supporting their fellow members who were playing.

President Houston Davis kicked off the game by throwing the first pitch, and later suggested the officers run the closer bases, while the IFC would run the further ones.

According to the UCA website, Strikeout Hunger is a charity event that was first held in 2015 and asks that audience members donate food for the Bear Pantry.

In response to the devastation Hurricane Harvey caused in Texas, the IFC gave the choice to either donate a can of food for the Bear Pantry or $3 for a Texas relief fund.

Assistant Director of Student Life Katie Frazier said she hadn’t known what to expect but found the results exciting.

“We wanted to give options,” Frazier said. “We know that what Houston really needs right now is funds.”

The group pulled in $50 for the fund and had a full box of food by the end of the game.

Officers Zack Hill and Chris Vasquez attracted attention by dressing as a chicken and Superman, respectively.

A good way to get people to come out to events like Strikeout Hunger is to be entertaining and have fun, Hill said.

Hill credited the IFC with getting a lot of people to come out by setting up outside the arena long before the game started.

“I noticed the IFC had tents set up,” Hill said. “They probably helped more than anything.”

After a close game, UCAPD pulled ahead in their final inning and got their first victory out of three annual events so far.

Frazier said the IFC is now looking to set up a blood drive on Sept. 5, though they are still looking for a location.

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