UCA Alumni Association Plans European Excursion

The Alumni Association has announced that the revival of its travel program will start off with a nine-day trip to Ireland this September.

The association had an informational meeting for interested alumni featuring travel agent Mike Wilkinson from Sue Smith Vacations on Jan. 14 in Buffalo Alumni Hall. Around 10 interested alumni attended.Assistant Director of Alumni Relations Aaron Knight said he expects at least 15 to reserve a spot on the trip.

One of the meeting’s attendees, alumna Donna Smith, said she plans to take her two daughters on the trip.

“The trip fits our needs,” Smith said. “We have ancestors in Galway.”

Galway is an optional excursion on one of the last days of the trip. Smith said she hopes to find where her ancestors spent their lives.

The trip will consist of a guided tour through Ireland’s most historic and beautiful places, from Dublin to Blarney Castle to the Cliffs of Moher. Attendees will be supplied 12 meals and five-star lodging throughout the trip, as well as private transportation. All of the funding for the trip will be paid by the alumni who decide to go.

“This is a good way to engage with fellow alumni,” Knight said. “When you are with your peers and classmates, it creates a sort of camaraderie.”

Knight said that the association decided to bring back the travel program after three years because it’s a “great opportunity for alumni to travel together.” The association hopes to expand the program in 2017 with four to six opportunities to travel, with programs from international travel to adventure travel. In previous years, the association has traveled to the Baltic and Italy.

Knight said the program was put on the backburner by the previous Director of Alumni Relations because the association had “a lot on [its]plate.”

Interested parties can contact the UCA Alumni Association in the Buffalo Alumni Hall on campus or at (501) 450-3197 or Sue Smith Vacations at (501) 771-0987.

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