Second Season of “Santa Clarita” Makes for Delicious Television

The second season of “Santa Clarita Diet” has just dropped on Netflixand continues the absurdly hilarious entertainment from the first season.

For those of you who are avid readers of mine and love my commentary — yes, I know, I’m awesome — you may recall I wrote a review last year for the first season of “Santa Clarita Diet” and gave it shining praise.

Well, my adoring fans that totally exist, this season is even better than the first.

The show, for those that need to be caught up, is essentially the story of a typical middle-class, vanilla American family whose world is turned to chaos after the materfamilias Sheila dies from a mysterious illness and is subsequently reborn as a member of the undead, hungry for human flesh.

The show follows the family attempting to deal with this situation while avoiding jailtime for murder and cannibalism and also maintaining a normal family life.

As one might assume, whacky hijinks ensue.

Certain aspects of the show certainly remain and continue to drive the show forward. These aspects include the chemistry between the actors.

It’s like, the viewer can just feel how much fun all of these actors are having and how much they enjoy working with each other.

Couple talented actors with a witty script, with a dash of healthy blood and gore and you have the recipe of a masterpiece.

This show stands out from so much of the dull, drab content on TV because of what it’s willing to do and say, how
far it goes.

From the simplest of standpoints, this is a sitcom-style show with a gritty horror theme.

It’s something like “Saw” meets “The Brady Bunch,” and that is a winner in my book. The show in both seasons takes horror-comedy notes from the likes of the “Evil Dead” franchise while also maintaining a bright, seemingly family-friendly atmosphere.

The dialogue is golden as always, and in this new season we are both introduced to new intriguing characters and also reintroduced to amazing characters from the last season, some of which the viewers thought gone for good.

Drew Barrymore as the undead, impulsive yet lovable wife, Timothy Olyphant as the timid but supportive husband Joel and Liv Hewson as the tough daughter Abby, these characters and their respective actors could be thrown into any possible circumstance and be incredibly charming.

But while the series is charming and borderline gut-bustingly hilarious, there are enough tense and suspenseful and even somewhat terrifying moments to keep the viewer on edge.

“Santa Clarita Diet” is currently streaming on Netflix and is rated TV-MA.

Photo from What’s on Netflix.

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