Police Beat Issue 7 Fall 2017

The following information is compiled from UCAPD incident reports

Suspected car vandal escapes UCAPD, Conway PD

A suspect escaped after a call came into UCAPD on Oct. 1 reporting multiple cars being broken into at Bear Village.

An officer was on patrol when he got the description of an individual with no shirt and black sweatpants who had been running away from a damaged car.

While he got the description, the officer noticed a person with a black shirt and black sweatpants walking.

When the officer tried to stop and talk to the individual, the person ran away.

After chasing the individual, first by car then on foot, the officer lost sight of him.

An investigation ensued involving UCAPD and Conway PD. When a Conway PD officer tried
to talk to the suspect, he fled again.

Passengers flee car on foot; officers apprehend juvenile

A chase ensued after a police officer pulled over a car for driving on a wrong lane on Sept. 29 and the two passengers fled.

The officer ran after who he presumed to be the driver on foot but, after loosing track of him, decided to turn around.

When he got back, the car was gone.

The officer gave all police units descriptions of the runners and told them to be on the lookout for the car, presumably driven by Kenneth Murry.

Officers quickly found one of the runners, a juvenile who had cocaine, marijuana and other paraphernalia
on him. The other runner and driver were never found.

CBC students pull fire alarm, are arrested

A fire alarm was pulled in State Hall on Oct. 1 by six men from Central Baptist College, four of whom were arrested.

After the fire alarm was pulled, officers reviewed footage of the second floor.

A student said she had let the group of CBC students enter the hall and six were standing in the hallway.

Officers spread out in search of the students, found four of the six, and arrested them.

They were non-UCA students Ashton Austad, Steven Smith, Christopher Walton and Cameron Ardoi.

They were all placed under arrest for criminal trespass and Austad and Smith were charged with communicating false alarms for reaching for the alarm.

Police arrest “private citizen” for possession

A driver was arrested on Oct. 3 for using fake tags and driving on a suspended license.

An officer pulled the driver over because he had a broken taillight and asked for the driver’s identification.

The driver refused to offer it, mentioning a court case.

Eventually, the driver offered an ID from the Arkansas School System identifying him as Marcel Stamps.

Stamps said he was a private citizen and needed to contact his attorney.

After discovering Stamps was driving on a suspended license, he was arrested and, upon searching the car, the officer found marijuana and a firearm.

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