Foo Fighters’ New Song, Video Makes Political Stance

Rock band The Foo Fighters recently released a new single, along with a music video titled “Run,” which I firmly believe will go down as my favorite new song and video of all 2017.

The band’s frontman, Dave Grohl, said during an interview with ET Canada that he was inspired and began writing the song during the election season. With lyrics such as, “Wake up, run for your life with me,” it becomes pretty obvious which side of the matter Grohl was on.

The song is a near perfect hard rock tune. Really, I’d almost go so far as to say that it is a perfect hard rock tune. It has moments that are balladic and touching along with parts that are heavier, thicker and grittier.

The song begins so soft and reverent that it brings to mind soft church music, but then transitions into a wild, punky jam.

As good as the song is, the video is even better. The video is set in a nursing home run by a rather unpleasant nurse, and it seems that the staff of this institution keep its occupants doped up on pills. Things go astray for the staff, though, when the elderly folk gather in the chapel for entertainment provided by The Foo Fighters, all of course aged by makeup and special effects to appear as elderly people.

When the music transitions into heavier rock tones, the old people start a riot against their keepers, moshing and fighting them all while dancing, screaming and just going wild. An old lady flashes her clearly prosthetic and over-exaggerated saggy breasts at the band, another begins smoking and an old man gets in a cane fight with the abusive nurse. After some rioting, the old people break out of the hospital, beat up some hipsters and a group of them highjack a car. The video then ends with a group of the elderly doing a group dance very reminiscent of the Thriller dance in a smoky parking lot.

Clearly, this video has a little something for everyone.

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