The three best Android VPN apps

PC users often hide their IP addresses while they surf the net. Doing so helps protect their identity and offers a layer of security to the their private data and information.

Your IP address

However, if you surf the net via your phone, the aforementioned strategy of protecting your private information is just as important as it is with a PC because–like a PC–your phone uses an IP address to surf the net. With the knowledge of your IP address, would-be hackers can zero in on your identity and potentially learn much about you in an attempt to find a crack in your online armor and steal your personal data.

Virtual private networks

To safeguard your information, you should seek out a virtual private network (VPN). VPNs swap your IP address for another, one that is not linked to you or your internet service provider. Once you are hidden, your location, identity, and personal information are much safer than if you are simply trotting around the net with your IP showing.

VPNs and Android

Any VPN that hides your IP address is doing what any other VPN will do. The question pertaining to quality is in regards to how much of your phone’s resources the VPN uses. If it uses a lot of resources, surfing via a VPN will be slow. If it is a lightweight VPN app, you will hardly notice it. Additionally, if the VPN service has servers in your country, it will likely be much faster than foreign VPN providers.

Miscellaneous features

The best VPNs offer a variety of features, ranging from high speeds to AES 256-key encryption. Additionally, a paid subscription will often protect additional devices, allowing you ample protection should you surf net with something other than your phone.

1. ExpressVPN

When it comes to VPN providers for Android users, Express VPN is the dominant one. The app is lightweight, and the company offers multiple servers in many countries. Because it is so widespread, you are sure to always be assigned an IP address substantially distant from you while also being able to use servers relatively nearby.

Additionally, its encryption is coupled with a kill switch to provide you dual-layer security. This particular kill switch simply stops any pre-defined software running on your phone from connecting to the internet. Because of this extra service, ExpressVPN ranks as one of the best VPNs available.


  • works on a variety of older operating systems as well as more modern Kitkat operating systems
  • 90 plus countries available on its network
  • renown customer service
  • lightweight app that does not require too many permissions
  • AES 256-bit encryption with kill switch


  • only allows five devices

2. IPVanish VPN

IPVanish offers protection on up to 10 devices, making it a robust solution for your phone, tablet, PC, and other connected device.

One of the most interesting things about IPVanish is that it works with Netflix. Netflix does not allow random or floating IP addresses, so many VPNs will not work with it. Additionally, its servers are in a variety of countries, allowing you download speeds up to 53 MB to 93 MB per second. Most internet-service providers offer access speeds of 50 MB to 100 MB per second, so this secondary VPN connection does not tax your service significantly.


  • fast
  • works with Netflix
  • secure
  • reliable
  • servers in 50 countries


  • does not work in China

3. NordVPN

With over 5,800 servers across the globe, you are certain to find a server near you. Consequently, you will be able to enjoy lightning speeds and military-grade encryption as you surf the net with your IP address completely hidden.

Additionally, if you surf within the United States, it works with Netflix. Although it is located in Panama, this ability to work with US Netflix subscribers adds a second layer of security for people who want to watch movies in relative privacy.

Its ad-blocking software is top-ranked, ensuring you are not bombarded with pop-ups, pop-unders, and exit-ads. It offers protection on up to six simultaneous connections, and its kill switch stops internet access if your connection is in any way interrupted.

Finally, it offers double-data IP routing. Double-data IP routing swaps your first IP address for another then swaps that second IP address for yet another. In effect, your native IP address is buried and likely never to be uncovered.


  • AES 256-bit encryption
  • over 5,800 servers
  • works with Netflix in the United States
  • double-data IP routing


  • does not work with Netflix globally

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