Benefits of Using Large Screen Laptops

Investing in a new laptop is highly advisable for anyone who works from home or using a computer regularly for personal or professional purposes. When you are considering a new laptop, understanding the benefits of using large-screen laptops is a way to determine which best 17 inch laptops are right for you.

Gaming and Design

A large screen laptop is perfect for anyone who enjoys gaming or design while on-the-go with a portable computer. Larger screened laptops provide more room for better visual and graphics optimization. Additionally, large screen laptops also provide more options for resolution size as well as when tweaking graphic settings in your preferred games.

A laptop with a smaller screen may not optimize a game’s graphics to their best quality, which may prevent you from getting the most of what a game has to offer each time you play. Tweaking the settings of your large screen laptop is a way to ensure you are maximizing the optimization of any game or designing program you currently have installed.

Better Hardware

Most often, large screen laptops also include better hardware than smaller, more compact laptops or notebook solutions on the market today. With a large screen laptop, you will likely also have more RAM, a better processor, and more storage space within your hard drive itself.

While not all large-screen laptops have improved graphics, a better processor, and more RAM, it is more common for the best 17 inch laptops to also have better and more improved specifications altogether more often than not.

Improved Visibility

Choosing a large screen laptop is highly advisable for anyone who is interested in improving the overall visibility and ease of access to their laptop itself. For individuals who have difficulty seeing or are visually impaired, a 17-inch laptop screen may help to improve your ability to read, navigate, and use the various functions on the laptop without issue.

With a 17-inch screen on your laptop, it is also much easier to set a larger resolution for all the programs, text, and windows that appear anytime you are using your computer, which is ideal for those with vision issues, those who are visually impaired, and even the elderly.


One of the biggest advantages of investing in a large screen laptop is its portability. While a desktop computer may appeal to those who are uninterested in traveling with their computer, a laptop solution is optimal for anyone who travels or prefers a lightweight gaming, design, or personal solution.

The portability of a large screen laptop is not hindered, even with a larger screen, as the laptops are often created with lightweight material. Before choosing a laptop that is perfect for your needs, consider how often you intend to travel with the laptop and what weight is most suitable for you.

Should You Get a Large Screen Laptop?

Determining whether a large screen laptop is right for you or not greatly depends on your own needs with your computer as well as your intended purpose for your new laptop investment. If you are interested in the following, you might benefit from choosing a large screen laptop setup:

  • Gaming and design
  • Programming, coding, and learning new software
  • Opening and running multiple programs simultaneously and without lag or issue
  • Optimizing your game’s visual settings
  • More options when setting the resolution of your computer’s display
  • Having multiple windows, screens, and programs open at once without a problem

Conducting a bit of research on the best laptops with 17-inch screens can help you to find a solution that does not meet all of the specifications you are interested in for your computer, but also falls within your set price range.

When you take the time to compare large screen laptops, specifications, as well as reviews, choosing one of the best 17 inch laptops available on the market becomes much easier. With the right large-screen laptop, make the most out of any time you spend using your computer whether you do so for work or even for your own personal research and entertainment purposes.

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