4 Amazing Web Analytics Tools that Rival Google Analytics

One of the key tenets of a successful marketing strategy is comprehending and appealing to your consumers. Understanding what they need and knowing how to provide it may be the primary difference between staying ahead of the industry and falling behind altogether.

Web analytics tools are powerful for collecting and analyzing market data. Using the data, a business can make projections and develop strategic goals.

Understanding Web Analytics

Web analytics refers to the collection of different online data often used in understanding and optimizing the presence of a website. The entire segment of the study turns the broad qualitative experience of having to visit a website into a major quantitative snapshot of the users in general.

Google Analytics is the most prominent measurement tool for most web analytics. It is not just free but powerful and comprehensive for a small business. Admired advanced packages are such as Web Trends in addition to Omniture’s SiteCatalyst.

Rivaling Google Analytics Work

What cannot be measured may not be improved. And that explains why it is critical that, in any environment where everything leaves its mark, you make proper use of the best analysis tools; this is where Google Analytics comes in handy.

As a leading analytics tool, Google Analytics assists you in making the best decisions at very critical moments of your business. Launched in 2006, the free Google service has been the best in measuring metrics on different platforms. However, there are multiple analytics tools on the market to rival it. In our blog post, we pick out some of the best rivals.

Adobe Analytics

First up is Adobe Analytics; this is one of the leading names in the software industry. It is ideal for Photoshop, a popular PDF reader, as well as other programs bearing the name of the company. Adobe Analytics happens to live up to the excellent reputation of Adobe. One of the challenges encountered with other tools is the management of custom tags.

The process often requires changing the analytics code to allow users to be tagged too. With Adobe Analytics, however, users will not need the input of an IT team in setting up a tag management system.

AsentioStats Analytics

If you need a simple web application that does not rely on actual third party services in data monitoring, then check out AsentioStats Analytics. It is a reliable PHP-based server application that provides its users with a detailed overview and analysis of the web traffic coupled with the visitor data.

AsentioStats Analytics supports language localization for about 32 languages, including German, Japanese, and English. It also easily integrates with popular publishing platforms such as Textpattern and Drupal. AsentioStats Analytics is a viable solution for business professionals looking to have that free alternative to the common Google Analytics.

Described by its developers as a web analytics device that can counter steroids, the tool is ideally suited to gather in-depth information and data on your onsite visitors while providing an output that includes an operating system and an IP address.


If you do not like the fact that Google Analytics has detailed access to all the data there is in your portal, then Kissmetrics is your best alternative. This solution momentarily focuses on customers instead of mere page views. At the same time, it allows you as the business professional to garner more information about customers, including who they are as well as their activities on your site. Kissmetrics is one ideal tool that helps you to navigate the page successfully.

Besides, being a business person, it allows you to select the information that matters most to your company. By default, Google Analytics has a way of choosing the metrics you see. With Kissmetrics being its competitor, you can determine that for yourself, by sieving what is important to you and gaining access to it via an excellent interface.


Clicky is one of the most prominent web analytics tools on the market. If you happen to search for better alternatives to the common Google Analytics, then the chances are that every page you flip will have it on the list.

There is a good reason for this, and it is the fact that Clicky is a strong tool for web analytics, unlike most of the competitors it has on the market. The primary dashboard can be slightly overwhelming for starters, but you will learn to enjoy the variety of statistics available.

Final Thoughts

Google Analytics is one of the best web analytical tools in Search Engine Optimization as well as content marketing space. But, there are ideal reasons to search for alternatives.

They include visualization and access to data that Google does not provide. In this article, we have successfully introduced you to a good number of alternatives you can use. Whichever your option you select, we hope that you find it useful in the long run.

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