3 Best Smart Office Gadgets For Your Work

The popularity of smart devices has become ubiquitous among both home and professional use. Adding a layer of convenience, efficiency, and enhanced function, everything from your lights to security can be implemented into your tech ecosystem.

Time is money when it comes to business, so implementing smart gadgets into your office keeps you focused on productivity instead of needless logistical tasks. Below we will expand on the three best smart gadgets to make use of in your day-to-day work life.

Smart Assistant

Keeping track of your busy work schedule can be a hassle without the proper tools. While years ago a personal assistant would have been the norm, replacing this with a smart gadget can save you a substantial amount of money and time.

Smart speakers can connect with your phone, allowing you to keep track of lists and your daily agenda. Simply by speaking to your device, you can manage your schedule, set reminders, make phone calls, and many other time-saving commands.

There are various devices to choose from, each of which will slightly differ depending on your phone and preferences.

Google Home

Offering the Google Home, Home Mini, and Home Max, these all use the same software but vary in speaker quality. Integrating with the Google Home app on both iPhone and Android, the aforementioned commands will sync with your calendar and contacts to allow seamless integration.

Amazon Echo

Similar to the Google Home, the scheduling and reminders are dictated by simple voice commands. Third-party integration is much more expansive with the Echo, offering a wider selection of voice commands. One of the most useful is its integration with the Amazon marketplace, allowing you to add items to your cart and make purchases. This can streamline office supply purchases, especially if you purchase frequent items like paper or pens.


The smartwatch has emerged as one of the hottest items to integrate into your tech ecosystem. Preventing the need to constantly check your phone or laptop, it is a light-weight way to stay connected with all of your notifications. There are quite a number of choices currently on the market, so we will break down some of the key benefits of each.

Apple Watch

The most popular smartwatch on the market, this is the best companion device for iPhone users. With ability to receive and send phone calls, texts, and e-mails, the Apple Watch mimics much of the core functionality of your phone. In addition, you can also receive notifications from many third-party apps with previews.

Fitbit Versa

The Fitbit has been around for quite a while, but their newest models have ventured into full smartwatch functionality. Boasting a long battery life and lightweight design, this is also a great option for those looking to track health and fitness outside of work.

Samsung Galaxy Watch

With a beautiful AMOLED screen, the Samsung Galaxy Watch has a battery life of up to five days. Built with a traditional watch design, it is a great smartwatch for those looking for more stylish build quality.

This overview touches solely on a few models of watches. If you are looking for a more in-depth review, visit for their full breakdown of the best smartwatches for working women.

Security Systems and Lights

Office security systems are a must-have for small and big businesses alike. Even if it’s just a small office you rent for yourself, being able to keep unwanted visitors at bay is an invaluable investment. In addition to this, smart lights are another aspect of your office infrastructure that can both be convenient and energy-efficient.

Security Systems

When it comes to all-in-one packages for security, SimpliSafe offers a well-rounded suite of devices at an affordable price. With motion sensors, keypad lock, and home base station, this is a great starting point when looking to secure your workspace.

Video doorbells are another great device for security, allowing you to get a peek at visitors before they enter. The Nest Hello is the most popular option currently available, allowing remote viewing and storage of up to three hours of video footage.

Smart Lightbulbs

A cheap and convenient addition to your office, smart bulbs can be controlled through a number of smart devices. Allowing you to adjust brightness and color through voice commands, these pair perfectly with the above mentioned Google Home and Amazon Echo. In addition, you can also easily set schedules for your lights to automatically turn off for maximum energy efficiency.

Final Tips

Smart devices can save substantial amounts of time and money when running your business. Take a look into which of the above products can improve your productivity, as well as which will integrate into your existing devices.

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