Ultimate Frisbee Builds Community

The University of Central Arkansas offers many club sports for students to join. Ranging from flag football to Battleship, the possibilities for student involvement reach far and wide.

A popular club sport on campus is ultimate Frisbee. In the non-contact sport, players pass a Frisbee from teammate to teammate to score goals. Some of the basic rules of ultimate include players not being able to take steps while holding the Frisbee and incomplete passes, passes tossed out of bounds, and interceptions are turnovers.

The UCA men’s ultimate Frisbee team is captained by sophomore Eriq Deaver. Deaver said he believes that the sport is a great way to meet people and make friends who share a common interest.

“Being involved with a club sport is a great way to make some really good friends, and play a competitive sport you love without the hassle of being on a scholarship sports team. You meet great guys and have a lot of fun pushing yourself and getting better, and it’s fun to travel and play other schools as well,” Deaver said.

Junior Dylan Green, who also serves as the president of the club sports teams echoed Deaver’s sentiments about the team creating a sense of community.

“I believe that club sports are a good way to get involved on campus and have the chance to make new friends without spending much other than your time,” Green said.

The team meets twice a week and practices for two hours. Deaver said that while the main goal of practices for now has been to teach the basic principles of the game, he intends to increase the severity of practices as games and tournaments approach.

“Starting out, practices have been pretty chill, establishing our basics and working on fundamentals, and scrimmaging a lot. Here in the next few weeks we are going to be stepping it up in practice in preparation for our upcoming tournaments this fall. A lot more running [plays],” Deaver said.

Green gave a description of what exactly happens in a regular ultimate Frisbee practice.

“We run throwing, cutting, catching and other drills. We also do a lot of scrimmages, and when we can, we set up scrimmage matches with other teams to improve. Members of the team throughout the week will throw on their own at least every other day,” Green said.

The team regularly competes against other ultimate Frisbee teams from other schools and takes part in many tournaments. Some of the schools the team has faced include the University of Arkansas, Arkansas State University, University of Oklahoma and the University of Texas at Arlington. According to Deaver, the team has been successful against these teams.

Green said the team is holds tryouts at the beginning of the fall semester, but is always happy to recruit new members.

“To join the team, we require players make one of the two practices each week and at least one tournament per semester. Use our OrgSync page, or find someone who plays and ask them when and where. We welcome anyone and everyone to come try it out,” Green said.

Deaver spoke of his hopes for the team’s future.

“Our goal for this year is to take our growing team and do well in our spring tournaments and do well enoughatsectionalstoqualify for regionals,” Deaver said.

For more information on club sports and intramurals, visit the intramural website at www. intramural-sports/.

photo by Taylor Fulgham

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