Sugar Bears outshoot, defeat Lady Colonels 91-56 at Farris

The Sugar Bears basketball team improved its record to 3-1 in the Southland Conference after soundly defeating the Nicholls State Lady Colonels 91-56 on Jan. 19 in Conway at the Farris Center.
The Sugar Bears dominated throughout the game and never allowed the Lady Colonels to lead them. The Sugar Bears offensive performance kept the Lady Colonels down.
The Sugar Bears started the game off by quickly getting the lead. Rice sank her first three point shot in the opening seconds of play and put the Sugar Bears on the board first. The Lady Colonels struggled with keeping possession of the ball and a botched pass lead to the Sugar Bears possession again.
The Lady Colonels started putting pressure on the Sugar Bears early in the game and continued with that strategy throughout the game, but they could not contain the Sugar Bears and keep up with their pace. Junior guard Nakeia Guiden hit a layup to add to the Sugar Bears score making it 5-0.
The Lady Colonels scored their first points of the game with 18:26 left in the first period off of a jump shot by sophomore forward Alisha Allen making the score 5-2.
Throughout the first period, the Sugar Bears continued to steadily add to their lead and constantly stopped the Lady Colonels in their tracks every time they attempted to score. Halfway through the first period, the Sugar Bears had lengthened their lead to a 24 point margin with a score of 32-8. The Sugar Bears made three back-to-back points to give them a 30 point lead. The shots were made by sophomore forward Desiree Rogers and sophomore forward Megan Herbert. The Sugar Bears continued putting up a tough defense that the Lady Colonels could not get around and forced several turnovers that lead to points. The Sugar Bears went into half time with a 34 point lead of 50-16.
During the second period, the Lady Colonels started to show signs of life, but it was not enough to overcome the Sugar Bears demanding lead and their rapid fire offensive that carried over from the first period. The first points of the second period did not come until 18:26 when Allen hit a jump shot to start the Lady Colonels off. The Sugar Bears got a chance to rebuttal with a made free throw shot from junior guard Marci Moffitt after she was fouled by Lady Colonels senior forward Cassie Hearon. The Sugar Bears and Lady Colonels continued scoring back and forth until the Colonels slowly started gaining ground and shrinking the margin in the score.
Lady Colonel’s senior guard Rischanda Bickham scored the three point basket that brought the Lady Colonels the closest to the Sugar Bears score. Her basket brought the Lady Colonels within 23 points of the Sugar Bears with a score of 64-41.
The Sugar Bears ended the game strong with two free throw shots made by junior guard Jelessa Williams in the final 30 seconds of the game making the final score 91-56.
Coach Matt Daniel said that he was pleased with the way his team performed and that it was a great offensive effort.
“The first half was probably one of the best basketball games I have ever seen on any level,” he said. “Second half was not that way but that is hard to do.”
Daniel said the team’s offense was a huge factor in the game and the number of assists was a great thing to see.
“It has been a long time since I have seen a team have 30 assists in a game,” he said.
Herbert said the team did a great job on both sides of the ball and everyone clicked and played well together.
“We just had fun,” she said. “We all just played together and that showed in all the assists we had. We had a lot of chemistry going on and we didn’t care who was scoring.”
Herbert said it was a huge help to the team’s offense by playing well defensively.
“When we come out and play well defensively we are going to have a good offense too,” she said.
The Sugar Bears next game is tonight against the Southeastern Louisiana Lady Lions at 7 in Hammond, La.

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