Wide Receiver Looking To NFL

As with many college football players, UCA senior wide receiver Roman Gordon sees himself playing in the
National Football League ten years from now.

He knows that it is one of the hardest jobs to get in the world as only one percent of student players gets in, but he works hard toward his goal and would like to make a living out of his passion.

At 22, the Texan is majoring in exercise science.

He would also like to move out of Arkansas to discover other states.

He has been involved in the football world since a very young age because several of his family members are into football.

Like many of them, he started to play as a little child.

His grandmother, a “huge football fanatic,” he said, played a role in his involvement in the sport by encouraging him tirelessly.

He said managing between football and classes is not an easy task.

For Gordon, it is about finding the right balance.

“I have advisers—they set up perfect times for my classes, they give me options that I can look at and I just set it up from there,” he said.

Organization is an important matter to him.

Whenever Gordon is facing doubts or critics, he does his best to leave everything off the field while playing.

“It is what it is at the end of the day. There is always [going to]be bad comments, but I’m out there playing and they’re not,” he said.

Before each game, Gordon keeps a strong mindset.

“War is war. I’m going out there to beat the other team, emotionally and physically,” he said.

Certain games are more important than others, but Gordon knows how to keep his head cool and remain focused.

Losing is always possible, but Gordon is really dedicated and never skips a training.

If Gordon had the choice, he said he would play for the Dallas Cowboys. The Cowboys’
stadium is 30 minutes from Gordon’s home.

He saw them play a couple times and really enjoyed it, even though tickets are more expensive since they play in the new stadium.

Football player Kenny Stills from Oklahoma is a huge source of inspiration for Gordon.

He used to play for the New Orleans Saints and is currently playing for the Miami Dolphins in the NFL.

“He is [a]wide receiver like me,” Gordon said.

Gordon has been a wide receiver since he started playing.

“Growing up I was really fast, and I knew how to catch a ball. And I also score a lot of touchdowns so it came really easy to me. I never though about changing my position,” he said.

If he had to switch positions, Gordon said he would like to be a safety.

Gordon admires the players who have protested during the national anthem.

“It’s good that they are voicing how they feel because if you don’t, things don’t change.
People act like they’re just ok with it. If I was a player [in the NFL], I would do it,” he said.

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