Texas-native Athlete Enjoys Diversity On UCA Golf Team

For freshman Brett Permann, the women’s golf team was the group to join when coming to UCA, despite the busy schedule that comes with a college life.

Coming from Frisco, Texas, Permann said the distance from home, a five-and-a-half hour drive, has not been difficult and Arkansas has been enjoyable.

Permann came to UCA because of her major interest in the golf team, and said she loved head coach Natasha
Vincent and the players.

“It’s been really fun getting to know the girls on the team,” Permann said. “Since I’m the only American on the team this year, it’s kind of fun to hear all the different languages that the other girls speak and all the cool accents too.”

Permann said she has learned a lot from both the coaches and the other players, and is excited about what she
will learn in the future.

“In my two months at school, I’ve learned so much from the upperclassmen on the team, and they’ve taught me a lot,” Permann said. “I try to learn as much as I can from the experience that they have.”

Though initially a soccer player, Permann grew up around golf, as her dad has played for a long time, and she got golf clubs when she was eight.

Permann said she told her parents she wanted to pick up golf rather than soccer when she was twelve.

“I got new clubs for my thirteenth birthday, started taking lessons later that year, and the rest is kind of history,” Permann said.

Religion plays a big part in her life both on and off the golf course, and said her faith is the most important thing to her.

Permann also enjoys being around her friends and family and being outside for activities like hiking, and said Colorado is one of her favorite places.

“Since coming to UCA, I’ve really had to balance school, golf, and the time I spend with the friends I’ve met here,”
Permann said. “It’s been really challenging, and I definitely don’t have a ton of time, but I spend time with as many people as I can as often as my schedule allows.”

Permann is studying exercise science, and said she isn’t sure what she wants to do after school aside from that she doesn’t want to work a desk job.

“I love people and sports, and I really love helping people,” Permann said. “So, I’d love to do something in the sports medicine field.”

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