Softball splits Saturday doubleheader, loses series to Lady Demons at home

The UCA softball team lost two of three games against the Northwestern State University Lady Demons this weekend.

The Bears lost the first game of the weekend 13-4, giving up 11 runs in the final inning.

UCA scored the first two runs of the game when sophomore Jessie Taylor hit a home run to center field and sophomore second baseman Sarah Bigej scored.

The Lady Demons tied it up 2-2 when they scored one run in the top of the fourth and fifth innings with home runs from senior catcher Cheyenne DelaGarza and junior catcher Cassandra Barefield.

UCA regained the lead in the bottom of the fifth when sophomore third baseman Sam Forrest hit a home run to left field, making the score 3-2.

NSU went on a tear, scoring 11 runs in the top of the sixth inning.

Freshman pinch hitter Micayla Sorosiak hit a home run to left center, letting DelaGarza and junior pinch runner Tashana Triplett score.

Junior third baseman Brittany Virgoe hit a home run down the left field line letting senior center fielder Tara McKenney score.

Freshman left fielder Kellye Kincannon hit a home run to left center and Barefield scored.

Sorosiak singled to left field and senior pinch runner Shenequia Abby scored.

McKenney tripled to center field and Sorosiak, DelaGarza and senior first baseman Brianna Rodriguez scored.

The Bears were unable to come back from the 10 run deficit, scoring one run in the bottom of the sixth when sophomore pitcher Peyton Jenkins doubled to left center and senior pinch runner Lindsey Barsoum scored.

Senior designated hitter Taylor Dear said that the team played badly overall.

“We just didn’t pitch, play defense or have timely hitting the first game,” she said. “As a team, we didn’t show up to play our best softball.”

UCA came back and won the second game of the doubleheader 8-5.

The Bears scored six unanswered runs between the first and second innings.

Jenkins doubled to right center with Bigej and Forrest scoring.

Forrest singled up the middle and sophomore center fielder Amy Gunnels scored.

Freshman right fielder Briana Whisenhunt singled to right field and freshman left fielder Hannah Stirton scored.

Taylor walked and Forest scored.

Jenkins hit a pop fly to second base, which was dropped, allowing Bigej to score.

Down 6-0, the Lady Demons came back and scored four runs to make the score 6-4.

Kincannon, Barefield, McKenney and freshman right fielder Brittney Jones all scored during the NSU rally.

The Bears increased their lead up by two more runs when Taylor hit a home run to left field and Whisenhunt scored.

The Lady Demons were unable to come back, only scoring one run in the final inning.

Dear said that everything came together in the second game.

“The second game everything came together more, so we didn’t leave as many runners on base and made most of the plays on defense and had good pitching which allowed us to win,” she said.

UCA dropped the final game of the series 10-3.

The Bears were unable to score until the sixth inning, allowing the Lady Demons to drive the lead up 9-0.

The Bears scored three runs in the bottom of the sixth off of a home run by Taylor with Whisenhunt and Bigej scoring.

NSU scored another run in the seventh inning making the score 10-4.

UCA softball head coach David Kuhn said that even though they didn’t pick up this win the teams conference tournament hopes are still alive.

“We are not pitching very well,” he said. “Our team continues to work hard and compete. We have a very talented team.We still have a good chance to make the conference tournament and fight for the championship.”

The Bears play again when they host Houston Baptist University for a three game series at home April 17 and 18.

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