Softball player’s family tie to sports

Softball catcher Cheyenne Kuhn is living out one of her dreams of playing for her dad and her sister for the UCA Sugar Bears.

Cheyenne is the daughter of Head Coach David Kuhn, and sister of student assistant coach Taylor Kuhn.

One of the reasons Cheyenne got involved with softball was from watching her dad’s softball team. She started playing when she was four years old because she loved watching the girls play with such compassion, she said.

“My wife and kids have been with me everywhere I have coached. They have done fieldwork, laundry, painting, building, renovations, landscaping, tarp duty and have helped me at practice,” Coach Kuhn said.

Head Coach Kuhn just received his 600th win as a head coach.

“It was nice to get it at home at UCA. The team played well, it was a good win. It was nice to hear from so many friends, family and former players,” Coach Kuhn said.

Cheyenne was extremely proud of her dad’s success.

“I may be bias[ed], but he is one of the greatest coaches I know,” Kuhn said.

Cheyenne’s awards include being on the 2014-15 Conference Commissioner’s Honor Roll, being four year varsity letterman at Conway High, three-time All-Conference selection and participating in the Arkansas Senior All-Star Game.

Kuhn plays catcher for the UCA Sugar Bears and a redshirt freshman this year for softball.

Cheyenne credits winning the Southland Conference Tournament last year as her biggest accomplishment. It will be a week she will never forget, she said.

“The most rewarding part about playing for the Sugar Bears is the relationships that I have made with my teammates on the team,” Kuhn said. “My teammates are always there for one another and we always have each other’s backs no matter the situation.”

Cheyenne and Taylor were able to accomplish two of their goals for the past two years.

“One of my biggest dreams was to play college softball with my sister, while one of her biggest dreams was to play for dad,” Kuhn said.

Cheyenne’s parents have played a big role in her life. She said she considers both as role models. Her dad because he taught her about God, and always pushed her to practice.

“I never realized until later on … how grateful I was to have him push me to the best of my ability. I would not be the Christian and softball player I am today without him,” Cheyenne Kuhn said.

Her mom because of how caring, unselfish and hardworking she is, Cheyenne Kuhn said.

“I hope that I will be able to become half the woman my mom is,” Cheyenne Kuhn said.

Coach Kuhn also credits his success to his family.

“I could have never been successful without them. They’ve been there to help me every step of the way in my 18 years of college coaching,” he said.

Cheyenne and her dad feel blessed to share these moments as a family.

“The best part of having my dad as my coach is that we are able to all be together with each other all the time,” Kuhn said.

“It’s amazing to work with both of my daughters and be around my family. I cherish every moment,” Coach Kuhn said.

Cheyenne and Taylor are close as well. Cheyenne said her sister is one of her role models, and not only a big sister, but a best friend.

“I can always talk to her for help in my hitting if I’m struggling or if I’m doing bad catching. She corrects my mistakes,” Cheyenne Kuhn said. “She is my best friend and I’m grateful to have her as my coach.”

Cheyenne plans to attend graduate school after college, but before she does, one of her goals is to win another championship with her and sister.

Both Cheyenne and Taylor want to follow their dad’s footsteps and become a softball coaches when their education has been completed.

This article originally appeared in the April 6, 2016 print edition of The Echo.

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