Senior Soccer Player Reflects on the Game She’s Loved all Her Life

UCA women’s soccer defender Kelsey Quick of Kansas has been involved in soccer most of her life and wants to stay in athletics through her future career in physical therapy.

Having played soccer since the age of 7, Quick said the soccer has always been a part of her life, and that her start came from playing in her parents’ unfinished basement with her brother, who once played on a nationally ranked club team.

“My brother and I would constantly be downstairs [in the basement]with a squishy ball just getting touches in,” Quick said.

All the practice led to her involvement in high school soccer, club soccer teams, a college team and also a semi-professional team she plays with during the summer.

“It’s cool being part of something bigger than yourself,” Quick said.

Since her first year playing at UCA, Quick, who is now a senior, has built close friendships with other players and has learned from

team-bonding activities that there are things outside of being on the field she enjoys, she said.

Playing soccer has taught her many life lessons such as time management, communication and teamwork.

“Our schedules are super busy so we have to stay on top of it,” Quick said. She added that this balance includes letting professors know when the team will be out of town, making time for friends and communicating injuries to her coaches.

Although being involved with a college athletic program can be busy, Quick enjoys every minute on the field.

“I won’t know what to do when it’s gone,” Quick said.

In her free time, Quick enjoys hiking and wants to learn how to dance.

She plans to continue her education after her undergraduate studies and pursue physical therapy. Her first choice for graduate school is UCA, and she wants to work with athletes in the future, she said.

“I just want to help them get back on the field doing what they love.”

Quick said the team has the best starting record this season since 2012.

She said it would mean the world to have students come and support the team at their games. The team’s schedule is available at

Quick is also a big advocate for potential college athletes who may be unsure about joining a higher-level athletic team.

“It’s an experience you will never forget,” Quick said. “I am so thankful for the opportunity to be able to play college soccer alongside my best friends. Coming to UCA has been my best decision.”

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