Player’s story causes trouble for potential union

In the April 2 issue of The Echo, I wrote a column about the new student—athlete union for private schools.

A judge ruled that Northwestern State University could start a student—athlete union to be paid and gain medical benefits after their collegiate career.

Not only has this been debated for several years, but many people have given their opinions about whether this should be passed on to state schools.

What impact does a player who has messed up and been dismissed from a progam have on the union?

Missouri University junior wide receiver Dorial Green- Beckham was dismissed from the football team April 12 for repeatedly getting in trouble.

Gree-Beckham was suspended indefinitely by head coach Gary Pinkel after Green- Beckham allegedly forced his way into a Columbia, Mo. apartment and pushed a female victim down at least four stairs.

He was not arrested and is not facing charges from the incident.

Pinkel made the decision with Tiger athletic director Mike Alden.

Green-Beckham was also arrested in January on a marijuana possession charge after someone else in the vehicle he was in took ownership of the marijuana.

As a freshman, he was suspended for one game after being one of five players arrested and charged with marijuana possession.

Needless to say, Green-Beckham has had a tough time at Missouri, but that doesn’t mean he can’t be forgiven and given another chance.

Green-Beckham was the No. 1 overall recruit in the class of 2012 after setting several records in high school.

During his two years at Missouri, he had 87 receptions, 1,278 receiving yards and 17 touchdowns.

His sophomore season was a breakout year as he had 59 receptions, 883 receiving yards and 12 touchdowns.

He helped Missouri University reached the Southeastern Conference championship and beat former Big 12 foe Oklahoma State University 41-3 in the 2014 AT&T Cotton Bowl in Dallas, Texas.

Though his misfortunes have gotten in the way of his outstanding play, he deserves another chance somewhere and that could even be at UCA. I know a lot of people will say he doesn’t deserve it because he has messed up three times, with the last incident involving a woman.

In no way do I condone a man hitting a woman or causing her any physical harm.

What impact could this have to a potential student-athlete union?

While this union is supposed to be for private schools, it could move to state schools.

How will people respond to paying players who have broken the law?

When I discussed this with my dad, he said it’s tough to be judgmental toward a player because we don’t know what kind of background they may have.

I agree, but at the same time, I believe college is a time to mature.

Green-Beckham is away from his home and family at the Columbia campus, which may cause him to not mature as he should.

This is a realistic possibility, but I think it will make people more cautious to start paying players.

I can definitely see this working as a business and just in the way Pinkel and Alden handled the situation.

Players should be dismissed without pay for causing trouble to themselves.

I lean toward paying student- athletes beacuse they make so much money for the universities and NCAA, but these occurences can cause harm to a potential union.

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