New Beach Volleyball League Wins First Tournament

UCA’s first beach volleyball league won their first tournament, 5-0 in all four games, at the APSU Governor’s Beach Duels in Clarksville, Tennessee.

The Sugar Bears (4-0) opened the tournament against Missouri Baptist University (5-4) and scored a 7-2 lead in the fifth match and a second set win of 23-21, according to UCA Sports. The Sugar Bears won the fourth match with 21-7 lead.

The third match resulted in a 21-11 lead in the first set and a 21-18 lead in the second. The Bears scored 21-18 lead again in the first set of the second match and at 21-9 win in the second set.

Sophomore Haley Tippett and junior Stephanie Pollnow took the first set of the first match with 21-10. The Missouri Baptist Spartans took the second set with 19-21, but were beaten when Pollnow and Tippett took the third set with 15-8.

“We are putting in the right kind of work and we are learning a lot,” Tippett said. “Maybe people will understand that we are a legit…team on this campus who has the potential to do amazing things.”

Against the Austin Peay State University Governor’s (3-10) the Sugar Bears scored a 22-20 first set victory in the fifth match and a 25-23 lead in the second set. A first set win for the Bears of 21-8 dominated the fourth match and the Bears continued to dominate with 21-16 in the second set.

The Sugar Bears won the third match with 21-17 in the first set and 21-6 in the second. The Sugar Bears won again in the second match with 21-12 in the first and 21-11 in the second set. Pollnow and Tippett won the first match with 21-12 again in the first set and 21-17 in the second.

“It feels good to be undefeated coming out of our first tournament,” Pollnow said. “We’ve trained all year long not knowing how we measure up against other teams [but]we went all out no matter what the competition looked like.”

Pollnow said the team still has a lot of work to do and there are weaknesses that still need to be fixed.

“It’s cool having some wins under our belt, but the team knows that the work cut out for us is only going to get harder from here on out,” Pollnow said.

The Sugar Bears will play in their next tournament March 31 to April 1 in University of Louisiana Monroe’s Bayou Beach Bash.

Photo Courtesy of Uca Sports

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