Missouri State beats Bears 1-0 in overtime

The Bears fought valiantly against the Missouri State Bears Saturday, Sept. 26., but during the second overtime of the game UCA gave up a point, ending the game at 1-0.
The game lasted for nearly two hours, neither team able to score a goal and forcing the game to go into double overtime.
The winning goal was scored with less than a minute left on the clock. Missouri State was given a penalty kick outside the box in front of the Bears’ goal.
The goal was scored by Missouri State junior midfielder Gerard Barbero.
There were 37 fouls called during the game, with one of them being a yellow card given to Missouri State Coach Jon Leamy and a red card given to UCA’s sophomore midfielder Mickey Segura.
Chris Strickland, the referee of the match, said he gave the red card to Segura due to violent conduct.
Leamy said: “It was a hard fought game. It was hard for these kids on the field for what was being called.”
Coach Chad Flanders said: “I felt the guys played hard. We were competitive.”
He said the Bears stuck to their game plan.
“I think we dealt with them. We were clean and sharp,” Flanders said.
He said Missouri State’s strength comes from its restarts, like throw ins, corner kicks and penalty kicks, the latter being what was able to give them the winning goal.
“We were undisciplined,” Flanders said. “It was the worst place on the field we could have allowed them to get a restart.”
Flanders said he will be working on improving his players to reduce the amount of fouling they are getting.
“We are trying to focus on details and to be sharp,” Flanders said. “We haven’t figured it out yet.”
He said he will work on improving his team’s ability in one-on-ones to reduce fouling.
Flanders said: “I think fitness is another issue. They were tired and caused them to be undisciplined. They were lunging at the ball and missing, which, again comes back to the fouling.”
He said the game was expected to be physical.
“It’s a Missouri Valley Conference match. Physical games are to be expected,” Flanders said.
He said he was impressed by the players on his backline.
“I think that Damon Hymas, Andrew O’Brien and Zac Burns did a good job at keeping their composure and defending their team,” Flanders said.
All of the players are juniors, with the exception of Bowen, who is a freshman.
“It sucks real bad,” Burns said. “We talked about the game and it’s the worst feeling. It’s the last minute and we can’t finish with a tie or a win. It’s real frustrating with the first game of the conference.”

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