Megan Herbert hits 1,000 career points as sophomore

Megan Herbert reached over 1,000 points in her basketball career after the Sugar Bears’ 63-37 win over Texas Arlington on Feb. 6.
Herbert, who is only a sophomore, has been playing basketball since the first grade and has since become a major player for the Sugar Bears.
Tiffany Brooks, assistant women’s basketball coach, said Herbert wasn’t highly recruited out of high school so the way she came to the team and played the way she does has been amazing.
“She can set a lot of records,” Brooks said. “She already has, but she can set many more.”
Brooks and Tony Kemper, associate head women’s basketball coach, both spoke of how great a person and teammate Herbert has been.
“She’s not in it for individual reasons,” Kemper said. “She’s in it for the team. She does tremendous things individually, but it’s not about that to her.”
Brooks said that all of Herbert’s teammates love her and were very excited for her when it was announced she had reached 1,000 points. She said Herbert always works hard, plays hard and gives 110 percent without giving any attitude.
She said Herbert also tries to make other teammates better, not just herself. Kemper said the coaching staff and her teammates have a lot of respect for the work she does for the team.
Kemper said Herbert’s accomplishment shows the kind of player she is—relentless, energetic, a good rebounder and a team player. He said that’s probably the biggest reason for her being able to achieve something like this so early in her basketball career.
He said that it is a “neat thing” that she probably doesn’t know yet how big of an accomplishment it was.
Herbert said she doesn’t see it as a big deal right now but knows she’ll look back and say ‘I can’t believe I did that’ and it will be a good memory.
“It’s a great accomplishment,” she said. “I’m really glad to be here.”
She said the accomplishment was a team effort and that her teammates, family and friends have been her biggest inspirations because they’ve always been there for her and have always supported her. She said they always try to get her to do her best and she doesn’t want to struggle or let anyone down.
“Being around people like that, it really motivates me,” she said.
Herbert said her favorite thing about playing for the Sugar Bears is they are seen as an underdog a lot of times, so when they play bigger schools and can win or do well in the game, it feels good.
She said she likes that UCA is a smaller Division 1 school.
In the Texas Arlington game, in which Herbert achieved her 1,000 point accomplishment, she also had the highest points scored in the game with 15 points.
After reaching such a high point her sophomore year of college, Herbert said she has no clue what her plans are for the future but to just keep playing hard.

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