Colonels shoot down Sugar Bears 5-2

The women’s tennis fought hard but came up short in a 5-2 loss to Southland Conference-foe Nicholls on Saturday.
The loss brings the Sugar Bears to 1-11 on the season and 0-6 in conference matches, while the Colonels stand at 7-7 overall and 2-3 in conference play.
The Sugar Bears got off to a rocky start losing two out of three of their doubles matches.
The Sugar Bears’ number three doubles team of seniors Alex Rios and Kati Anderson lost to the Colonels doubles team of junior Tatiana Denezhkina and senior Melissa Harrison 8-1.
“I kept hitting everything out,” Rios said. “We weren’t in the game mentally and that really hurt us,” she said.
The Sugar Bears number one doubles team of senior Lisa Mainz and junior Allison Hartman lost to Nicholls veteran doubles team of senior Florina Nosca and senior Natalia Zamora 8-2.
Coach Rebecca Miller said, “Lisa and Allison are both battling injuries. It was great to see them out there fighting through it.”
The Sugar Bears’ number two doubles team of freshman Sasha Ruocco and sophomore Kazumi Otani defeated the Colonels team of freshman Marina Ljoshevska and senior Sumara Kalyanasundaram 8-4 for their single win in doubles competition.
“They took the lead early and we got down 0-2,” said Ruocco, “but we made a rally and were able to come back”.
Ruocco, who only played in doubles competition, said, “The team decided that I would sit out in singles so that Lisa could play. I really didn’t want to lose my only match today.”
The Colonels used the momentum gained from doubled competition to capture four of the six points in singles competition.
The match of the day came in number one singles competition when freshman Sugar Bear Simona Horsikyan defeated Florina Nosca of Nicholls 4-6, 6-4, 15-13.
Horsikyan got down early and dropped the first set, but then she came out hot in the second and managed to force a third set tiebreaker.
Nosca got of to a fast 8-2 start in the tiebreaker but Horsikyan made an incredible run and tied the score at 9-9. Horsikyan would eventually go on to win the set 15-13.
“There aren’t many freshman that could come back and beat a veteran senior like that,” Miller said. “Simona showed incredible heart and she never gave up. Not many people can come back from an 8-2 deficit in a tiebreaker,” she said.
The Colonels captured their four singles points by winning the numbers two through five doubles matches.
Natalia Zamora defeated Lisa Mainz 6-1, 6-1 in number two doubles.
Samara Kalyanasundaram defeated Kazumi Otani 6-0, 6-3 in number three doubles.
Tatiana Denezhkina defeated Kati Anderson 6-0, 7-6, (7-5) in number four doubles, and Marina Ljoshevska defeated Allison Hartman 2-6, 7-5. 10-5.
“Allison is nursing multiple injuries and she still was able to force a third set tiebreaker,” Miller said. “I’m really proud of her, and all our girls for never giving up.”
The Sugar Bears’ second point in singles competition came from the number six doubles match.
Rios defeated Harrison by default.
“I was feeling confident and looking forward to redeeming myself,” Rios said. “Unfortunately, my competitor was injured and unable to play. I got the point, but I would always rather play,” she said.

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