Bears roped by Cowboys at Farris 70-63

The men’s basketball team lost by seven points in a 70-63 game Saturday, Jan. 29 against the McNeese State Cowboys.
Two minutes into the game senior center Carlos Dos Santos scored the first two points.
No credit was given to the points scored by senior forward Tadre Sheppard as there was a foul called on the play.
After the Cowboys earned three points from free throws and scored two points, junior forward guard Mark Rutledge scored from the three-point line. A foul was called out against McNesse, allowing Santos to gain two points for the Bears, setting the score at 8-5 with 16:19 on the clock.
The teams raced across the court back and forth and with just under 13 minutes on the clock the Cowboys had a 10-point lead of 19-9.
Senior guard Imad Qahwash was quick to make a three-point shot, but the Cowboys were right behind him as senior center Preston David immediately scored a two-point shot.
Junior forward Chris Henson turned over the ball in an attempt to score some points for the team, but a foul ended the play. Qahwash was quick on his feet to put some points on the board and scored from the three-point line.
Just after the Cowboys scored two points, senior guard Mike Pouncy scored another three-point basket for the Bears.
With 8:18 on the board, the Bears were catching up to the Cowboys and were only four points behind.
The Cowboys continued to score and senior guard C.J. Collins of McNesse rebounded an attempted free throw by Sheppard and scored two points. Sophomore forward Terry Tidwell shot a free throw setting the Bears just six points behind.
Junior forward Patrick Richard of McNesse scored a three-point basket.
With 15 seconds on the clock Qahwash scored two points leaving the team four points behind at halftime.
In the second half the Cowboys were quick to score the first five points.
The two teams shot free throws back and forth but just after the Cowboys were quick to make two two-point shots by Alawoya and senior guard Diego Kapelan, giving the Cowboys an eight-point lead with 15:34 on the clock.
Pouncy rebounded the ball and scored two points, but between free throws and a two-point shot by Alawoya, the Cowboys were up four more points and in the lead by 10.
With 14:25 on the clock, the Cowboys scored 11 straight points and the Bears were down by 17 with 10:30 on the clock.
Tidwell shot and scored from the three-point line, changing the score to 45-60.
Junior center Daniel Richard of McNesse rebounded and scored two points and with 5:39 on the clock, Qahwash scored two points for the Bears.
The Cowboys, however, were able to stay in the lead and won by seven points when senior guard Stephan Martin scored two free throw shots with 23.3 seconds on the clock, setting the score at 70-63.
Coach Corliss Williamson said, “I talked to the guys after the game, and even at halftime, that tonight our shot selection, to me, was terrible to say the least.”
He said that in order to win, the players must take and make good shots.
“It was a tough loss,” junior guard T.K. Smith said. “We need to focus on free throws, running offense and making better shots.”

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