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First Leadership Workshop Uses Harry Potter to Connect

The UCA Center for Leadership Development is offering different Bear Talk leadership workshops for students to attend during the fall semester. The first workshop revolved around the leadership of Harry Potter.

Assistant Director for Student Leadership Steven Shook led the Bear Talk. He opened the discussion with different icebreaker games, which allowed students to break up into groups and participate in the games.

The Bear Talk resembled similar aspects of a Ted Talk.

Shook asked students to discuss their favorite Harry Potter witch or wizard along with which house would they belong to.

Shook discussed 10 different leadership qualities every successful leader should have.

He talked about listening as a leader, showing empathy and not sympathy, influence and persuasion and several other leadership qualities.

As students walked into the Bear Talk, Harry Potter music was playing to set the mood and many snacks and drinks were provided.

Senior Olivia Clement works in the office of leadership with Shook as her adviser. She said the Bear Talks will occur throughout the year.

Clement said this workshop was a cool way to merge two things she loves: leadership and Harry Potter. She said she also enjoyed hearing other students’ responses to group activities because it showed that not everyone thinks the same way.

Shook said his goal with this particular workshop was to fill students with knowledge about leadership.

After the last leadership quality was reviewed, Shook had each group choose a character from Harry Potter and analyze their leadership traits.

He said he would like to have another Harry Potter-themed Leadership discussion before the next Bear Talk in November. The time and date have not yet been set.

The next Bear Talk will be during X-Period on Nov. 10 in room 213 in the Student Center. Kaylon Bradford will be speaking.

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